Bryn Mawr Alumnae Club Handbook

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bryn Mawr Alumnae clubs! We’re delighted that you are playing a part in one of the Bryn Mawr College 37 national and international clubs. Alumnae Association clubs are one of the best ways to connect alumnae across the nation and around the world. We’ve created this handbook to help you understand your roles and responsibilities as club officers.

You may wonder: what is the point of a Bryn Mawr club? Here is what clubs do:

  • Connect alumnae of all ages with other “cussed individuals” in their area
  • Provide opportunities for alumnae for continuing education and stimulate an interest in the College
  • Help the Admissions Office attract and recruit qualified high school students
  • Create a network of women in various fields who bring career experience and knowledge to alumnae who face key decisions in their work lives
  • Enhance Bryn Mawr’s image and visibility through community service

We’ve created this handbook to help you understand your roles and responsibilities as club officers. The handbook provides resource information to officers of BMC clubs. It includes practical information on how to start a BMC club, how to organize and manage volunteers, and how to plan successful events. It outlines the specific ways in which the Alumnae Association can help your club succeed. It also includes valuable samples of by-laws, budgets, calendars, newsletters and program events. While the handbook provides general guidelines for clubs to follow; we invite you to tailor the information to your club's needs and style.

Every BMC club officer will receive a copy of this handbook. Additional copies may be obtained from the Alumnae Association upon request. The handbook is also available on the Alumnae Association website at

On behalf of the College and the Alumnae Association, we would like to thank you for the important work that you are doing for your club—a vital link to Bryn Mawr College. The staff of the Alumnae Association and we look forward to helping support you in any way we can.

Warm regards,

Caroline Willis ’66
President, Alumnae Association

Barbara Schieffelin Powell ’62
Executive Board Representative for Clubs and Regions

Cynthia Washington,
Assistant Director for Clubs and Ethnic/Cultural Affinity Groups