Bryn Mawr Alumnae Club Handbook

Chapter 1: The Alumnae Association


Organized by early graduates, the Alumnae Association of Bryn Mawr held its first meeting in 1890. In 1897 young enthusiastic graduates asked for and received a charter from Bryn Mawr Trustees permitting them to gather to "further the interests and welfare of the College and thus maintain and advance the cause of higher education" for women. Historically, the Alumnae Association has sought at the same time to encourage alumnae/i friendships and contacts, develop professional networks and stimulate continuing education.

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Statement of Purpose

The Bryn Mawr College Alumnae Association fosters a strong sense of community and tradition; promotes lifelong learning; enriches the personal, professional and cultural lives of our alumnae; and supports service to the College.

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Relationship to the College

The Alumnae Association is represented on the Board of Trustees of the College with six Alumnae Trustees and the President of the Association, who serves ex officio. In administrative and programming areas, the Association also works closely with the Admissions Office, Resources, Career Development Office, and others.

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Anyone who has spent at least one semester as an undergraduate or as a graduate student at BMC, in addition to anyone receiving degrees or certificates or earning at least four credits in the Division of Special Studies is automatically a member of the Alumnae Association and is urged to join a local club or support more informal activities at the local level.

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Core Values

  • Provides premier service to all Bryn Mawr alumnae and to the College.
  • Leads in enabling alumnae connections.
  • Encourages the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual excellence
  • Cultivates organizational integrity, equality, diversity and independence of mind.

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The Audacious Goals of the Alumnae Association

  • Help every alumna/alumnus to feel part of the College community whatever her year of graduation, race, socio-economic class, sexual orientation or where she lives.
  • Establish a bold presence on the internet that is vital to alumnae.
  • Help every alumna to make the Alumnae Association of BMC her first choice for volunteer work.
  • Build international ties to make the BMC Alumnae Association the preeminent global alumnae network.
  • Expand the applicant pool to BMC dramatically.
  • Help all students and prospective students recognize the Alumnae Association as integral to enhancing their lives.
  • Achieve full alumnae participation in Annual Fund.

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"Lift The Lantern High"

The Alumnae Association motto—Lift the Lantern High—is the rallying cry for the Association, capturing the pride alumnae/i feel in their alma mater. The motto works in tandem with the Alumnae Association logo. Together they celebrate Bryn Mawr College traditions of connect ions, the search for truth, and the love of learning.

alumnae association logo circa 1997 1997: The Alumnae Association logo was developed in 1997 by Jan Trembley '75 for the Alumnae Association's centennial anniversary. It consists of a central lantern surrounded by a wreath of May Pole ribbons. The wreath makes use of the symbolic Class Colors. The Lantern: The lantern was adapted from the Alumnae Association seal, established at its founding in 1897. It represents the search for truth and enlightenment, evokes the gift of lanterns to each student, and alludes to the Quaker philosophies present at the College's founding. The Wreath: The wreath of May Pole ribbons encircling the lantern represents each of the undergraduate classes (as well as McBride students and the Graduate Schools). The pattern of interlacing knotwork symbolizes life and is found in cultures around the world.

alumnae association logo circa 20072007: The logo was updated to the “coin” style (shown above) in 2007. Gold (see front cover) was chosen as the signature color to support the historic College colors of gold and silver. The new identity for the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Association was developed with the following goals in mind:

  • to create an attractive and striking visual identity that resonates with Bryn Mawr alumnae;
  • to assist in the identification of alumnae programming;
  • to enhance the image and recognition of Bryn Mawr alumnae and the Alumnae Association in the world.

In order to achieve these goals, consistent use of high-quality graphic materials according to the guidelines stated in the Graphic Standards manual is essential across all Alumnae Association programs.

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