Bryn Mawr Alumnae Club Handbook

Chapter 2: Support and Services from the Alumnae Office

The Alumnae Association is available to help you connect with alumnae/i in your area and execute exciting events. The Alumnae Association provides the following support and services to clubs:

Club President Listserv and Resource Information

The club president's listserv is an online community linked through email. It is different than a "chat room" in that one receives the correspondence via regular email. The discussions are ongoing and each member of the listserv receives all correspondence posted to the list. Incoming presidents are automatically added to the listserv by the Alumnae Association.

The address for the club president's listserv is

A quarterly e-News from the executive board representative for clubs and regions provides club leaders with information, tips of the trade, and opportunities for sharing experiences and expertise.

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Alumnae Training: Volunteer Weekend

Training for club president or presidents-elect is provided at Alumnae Volunteer Weekend. Each year the Alumnae Association focuses on an area of alumnae/i volunteer work, and invites club presidents along with other volunteers to campus for a weekend of training and information sharing.

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Lists and Labels

The Alumnae Office provides lists and labels in various formats to club officers for the purpose of club business. Labels will be in last name order unless otherwise specified. Lists are sent as an Excel spreadsheet via email. To place an order for lists or labels, contact the Alumnae Association at, or submit the online form:

Mailing labels can also be sent as an MS Excel file directly to a mail house provided the mail house signs a confidentiality statement and faxes it to the Alumnae Association before the labels are transmitted.

While requests are often completed in less time, please allow one to two weeks for processing your list, label and directory requests. Due to Reunion, your requests may take longer in May and early June. It is essential that you request a new set of labels for each mailing or project to ensure that you have the most current information.

A copy of all correspondences should be forwarded to the assistant director for clubs for records purposes.

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Email, E-Broadcasts, and E-Newsletters

The Alumnae Association will send email broadcasts, e-newsletters, and e-invites to a club's constituency on behalf of the club.

  • Plan ahead: schedule club electronic messages as soon as possible with the Alumnae Association so that a time is reserved for you on the Association's email calendar. Contact
  • The text of the message should be emailed to at least five days before the email is scheduled to be sent.

Please advise club members to update their email addresses with the Alumnae Association. This can be done easily online at

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Athena's Web

Athena's Web is an online community of Bryn Mawr alumnae. The secure site allows each alumna the opportunity to post her own profile and photos, invite other BMC friends into her network, link a personal blog feed, and find interest groups. Club leaders can establish their club as a "group" and invite alumnae to join. Photos, message boards, and event announcements to group members can be maintained by the club. Athena's Web:

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Club Websites

The Alumnae Association will host your club site on the Bryn Mawr College server or put a link to your club site on the Association's homepage. In order to take advantage of this service, the club must designate a webmistress to maintain the site. The webmistress should contact the Alumnae Association at or fill out the request form online at

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Address Change Reports

The Alumnae Association will send address change reports to club presidents four times a year (spring, winter, fall and summer) relaying address updates. These reports will include information on alumnae who have moved into the club area and alumnae within your club area who have changed their address.

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Alumnae Directory

An annual directory in PDF format with the name, address, phone, email address, and occupation of alumnae/i in the club area will be sent to the club president or designated officer in April. The club is responsible for printing/copying and distributing the directory to its constituency and for the associated costs.

Before producing and distributing the final directory, the Alumnae Association recommends that clubs include a page listing current club officers and contact information for the club such as the club email address and website.

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Statement of Confidentiality for Alumnae Information

The following statement pertains to the confidentiality of all information provided to volunteers by the Alumnae Association and the College. This includes address, career, and volunteer information, as well as training materials and other non-public statements. Information on alumnae will not be given out to anyone outside the Bryn Mawr College community, nor should it be shared with non-alumnae of Bryn Mawr College.

The statement applies to all club lists, labels and directories and must be included when distributing alumnae information to your club. If your club formats its own directory with information provided by the Alumnae Association, please include the following disclaimer.

This information is being made available only to Bryn Mawr College alumnae, faculty or staff; it is not to be given or sold to anyone else, nor may it be used for solicitations, political endeavors, or any commercial purpose.

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Faculty Speaker Program

The Faculty Speaker Program provides faculty, administrators, and expert alumnae/i, speakers to clubs. A list of current faculty members available to travel are listed at

  • A club's initial request for a member of the faculty or College staff should be made by contacting the assistant director for clubs or via email to at least three months in advance.
  • Provide four speaker choices and three date choices. The assistant director will notify you when a speaker is confirmed.
  • Once a speaker is confirmed, please stay in touch directly with the speaker and copy the Alumnae Association on all correspondence.
  • The Alumnae Association arranges and provides for round-trip air travel and overnight hotel accommodations. The club pays costs for ground transportation and meals.
  • The Alumnae Association will pay for one or two faculty speakers per year depending on the club's size.
  • The Alumnae Association would like to receive feedback on your program. A written report is requested following the event and a full list of attendees.

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