Bryn Mawr Alumnae Club Handbook

Chapter 4: Communication

Club Logos

The Alumnae Association has designed a new logo for clubs to use throughout the nation and the world. It can be used in newsletters, announcements of events, or any other venue for publicizing club activities.

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Newsletters are good vehicles for keeping in touch, publicizing club events, providing ballots for elections, reporting on members’ activities, fundraising, soliciting volunteer help, and sharing information about the College.

Every club must send one newsletter each year to all alumnae/i in its area. Additional newsletters may be sent and may go to current club members as a benefit of membership.

Mailing labels may be ordered from the Alumnae Association (see guidelines in Chapter 2).

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Telephone Tree

It takes a little time to set up a telephone tree but it is well worth the effort. Whether you want to insure good attendance at a program or just keep your members feeling included, a telephone tree can work wonders.

Divide your volunteers by class, region, alphabet or any other pattern that makes sense and assign each group to a telephone volunteer. The volunteers will call their respective members and remind them of the upcoming event. Small but important jobs like working the phone tree are an excellent way to get, or keep, members involved in the club.

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Statement of Confidentiality for Alumnae Information

The following statement pertains to the confidentiality of all information provided to volunteers by the Alumnae Association and the College. This includes address, career, and volunteer information, as well as training materials and other non-public statements. Information on alumnae will not be given out to anyone outside the Bryn Mawr College community, nor should it be shared with non-alumnae of Bryn Mawr College.

The following statement applies to all club lists, labels and directories and must be included when distributing alumnae information to your club. If your club formats its own directory with information provided by the Alumnae Association, please include the following disclaimer.

This information is being made available only to Bryn Mawr College alumnae, faculty or staff; it is not to be given or sold to anyone else, nor may it be used for solicitations, political endeavors, or any commercial purpose.

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