"Bryn Mawr focuses intellectual effort on the relentless pursuit of one's passion."

"People often remark on my tremendous enthusiasm and passion for my work. As a curator of historical collections, I'm constantly fascinated by the power of the stories we tell with the objects, both ordinary and extraordinary, that we save. I love sharing the insights they bring. I feel very strongly that it is my calling, and I don't think I would have found it if I had not been trained at Bryn Mawr to pursue it.

"When I was applying to college, I was most impressed by women who seemed hot on the heels of learning and becoming what they wanted to be, and I found them in great numbers at Bryn Mawr. Bryn Mawr taught me to pour my heart into intellectual endeavor. It also taught me that the value of that endeavor is proportional to one's passion for it."

Farar Elliott '87
Chief and Curator, Office of History and Preservation
U.S. House of Representatives

Major: History of Art

Note: "One of the first objects I collected as the curator of the House's collection was a grapefruit-sized rubber-band ball. It looks like every other rubber-band ball, but I learned that this rubber-band ball was used by Members of Congress. It was kept near the speaking lecterns, and while Members of Congress were waiting to speak, they would bounce the ball. Eventually this stress-busting activity was forbidden because the bouncing disrupted the proceedings. I love the way this object shows the public that their elected representatives are fallible human beings just like the rest of us, who might be nervous about public speaking."

Farar Elliott '87