"Noticing your life, reflecting upon it, is perhaps the most valuable thing that a liberal-arts education equips you to do."

"A liberal education demands that you live self-consciously. It requires you to seek and define the meaning inherent in all you do. It makes you an analyst and critic of yourself, a person in this way supremely equipped to take charge of your life and its passage. It is in this sense that the liberal arts are liberal—as in liberare—to free. They empower you with the possibility for agency, for imposing meaning, for making choice."

Drew Gilpin Faust '68
President, Harvard University
Cambridge, Mass.

Major: history

Note: Drew Gilpin Faust shattered one of America's oldest glass ceilings when she became the first woman to lead Harvard in October 2007.

Drew Gilpin Faust '68
photo by Martha Stewart