"The women’s college environment and Bryn Mawr’s student body brought out leadership in me."

"As president of the Self-Government Association (SGA). I learned to be a diplomat in trying to find compromises amongst many different voices and groups on campus. It also taught me to stand by convictions."

Meera Ratnesar ’01

Representative to the Executive Board of the Alumnae Association for Class Activities

An Alumnae Regional Scholar, Meera majored in mathematics and minored in education. She was a teaching assistant at The Baldwin School for Girls. She is currently a math teacher at The Collegiate School for Boys in New York City and in the fall of 2008 will be its K-8 math curriculum coordinator. "I went from an all-women's environment to an all-boys environment," she notes. "Obviously the cultures are very different, but you can translate the philosophy of single sex education from the one to the other."

Meera received an MA from Columbia University Teachers College and was a summer fellow at the Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership.

She is representative to the executive board of the Alumnae Association for Class Activities and leads its Young Alumnae Engagement Taskforce

Meera Ratnesar ’01
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