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E-mail Forwarding for Life

E-mail is terrific except when your e-mail address changes each time you change internet providers (going from AOL to Juno for instance) or change jobs. You then have to tell all of your friends and associates your new e-mail address.

Now you can have just one e-mail address for life. We are offering our alumnae/i the opportunity to keep their campus email address after graduation and use it as an email forwarding address.

For example: while at Bryn Mawr, your email is jdoe@brynmawr.edu. After graduation, you can set it to forward to a personal e-mail address (such as jane.doe@gmail.com).

In order to set up e-mail forwarding, you must have a user ID and password for the BIONIC system.

If you have any questions about the email forwarding program, contact Megan Ward in the Alumnae Association at 610-526-5216.