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Where the Wild Things Are:

Tanzania Discovery Safari

June 20-30, 2011

Why Tanzania?
Tanzania is, quite simply, the ultimate safari destination. With its record of thoughtful planning, having set aside fully one-third of it’s land for the purpose of conservation, it’s no wonder the country boasts the highest concentration of wildlife in the world, including the largest populations of big cats and untamed herds of hoofed animals.

A Safe, Peaceful Country
Tanzania is one of the most peaceful and stable countries on the African continent and is widely referred to as “The Switzerland of Africa,” playing host to the United Nations, peacefully sustaining more than 120 different ethnic groups, and managing to stay free of the political upheaval that has plagued so many other African countries.

Warmhearted people
With a rich cultural tapestry comprising more than 120 distinct ethnic groups, including Maasai, Hadza, Chagga and Iraqw, Tanzania learned long ago that there is greater strength in tolerance and unity than in divisiveness. As a result, you’ll find the people of Tanzania to be among the most generous and welcoming you’ll ever meet. Collectively, these unique cultures are the heart and soul of this extraordinary corner of the world.

Sustainable Luxury
There is no doubt that travel to remote and pristine locations like Tanzania is a great luxury. Thomson Safaris has made it their business priority to ensure that this luxury does not come at too high a price. Always eco-friendly, committed to the community and dedicated to the preservation of Tanzania’s treasures, Thomson’s accommodations reflect this ethos of sustainable luxury.

  • Minimize our impact – from large-scale initiatives like utilizing solar energy whenever possible, to tiny details like using bio-degradable soaps.
  • Adhere to “leave no trace” ethics.
  • Make sure that we are welcome in the community as fair and reliable friends, employers and colleagues.
  • Vary camp sites in order to allow the flora to recover from our gentle use of the land.
  • Always use local labor, local produce and local craftspeople because they value the authenticity of your experience and want the community to benefit from your stay.
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Preliminary Itinerary
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Day 1: Monday, June 20: - Depart U.S.

Depart the U.S. on DL/KLM Airlines overnight flight to Amsterdam, or independently.

Day 2: Tuesday, June 21: - Amsterdam / Arusha, Tanzania

In Amsterdam, connect with your flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport, arriving late in the evening. Step off the plane and into a new world. The scent of distant cooking fire permeates the warm night air. You are welcomed in Swahili with “Jambo” and “Karibu.” It’s exotic, and yet you feel at home. Your guide awaits, ready to welcome you and take you to your lodge, which is located within 33 acres of mature, well manicured gardens and an animal sanctuary. A majority of the animals on the property were once either orphaned or badly injured and were brought to the sanctuary for rehabilitation. Overnight: Mount Meru Game Lodge
Meals: (Meals aloft, snack)

Day 3: Wednesday, June 22: - Tarangire National Park

After a hearty breakfast and a safari briefing, depart Arusha this morning. From the buzzing city of Arusha to the wilds of Tarangire National Park, the journey is already an exciting one. Renowned for its huge elephant populations, the park is also the ideal setting for searching out lion, hyena and other predators. Who will be the first to spy a leopard in the gnarled boughs of an acacia tree, tired from last night’s hunt and sporting a suspiciously rounded belly? Your permanent tented lodge has the most central location in the whole park, and it’s not uncommon to spot wildlife right on the grounds. In fact, the pool has often attracted elephants looking for a quick, cool drink! Overnight: Tarangire Safari Lodge
Meals: (All meals included)

Day 4: Thursday, June 23: - Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is the fourth largest park in Tanzania, with a variety of animals from the enormous elephant to the tiny dik-dik, an antelope barely two feet tall. Take a dip in the pool after a day in the bush. Overnight: Tarangire Safari Lodge
Meals: (All meals included)

Day 5: Sunday, June 24: - Ngorongoro Crater

After a delicious breakfast, visit Ayalabe School, where children have a chance to meet their pen pals and play in a game of soccer. It is extraordinary to watch as children exchange curious glances, and get to know their new friends. After lunch, depart for the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. From your nyumba, perched high on the crater rim, you hear the distant jangling of Maasai cow bells and savor the sweetly scented breezes. There’s a nearby Maasai village that you may have time to visit as a special treat. Overnight: Thomson Ngorongoro Nyumba
Meals: (All meals included)

Day 6: Sunday, June 25: - Ngorongoro Crater

Spend the whole day exploring the remarkable crater floor, which lies an astounding 2,000 feet below your camp on the crater rim. Look for hippos wallowing in their shallow pools, awkward ostrich running across the savanna, and all of the Big Five: bull elephant, rhino, leopard, lion, and African buffalo. Tonight, cozy by the campfire to ward off the cooler air and relish in the lovely surroundings. Overnight: Thomson Ngorongoro Nyumba
Meals: (All meals included)

Day 7: Monday June 26: - Olduvai Gorge & Serengeti National Park

From the green hills and high elevations of Ngorongoro, head west to the vast open plains of the Serengeti. Halfway there, stop at Oldupai Gorge. Anyone fascinated by archeology will appreciate the small museum, which displays the incredible finds of Louis and Mary Leakey. For three days, continue your journey into the Serengeti, searching out its vast herds of wildebeest and zebra, great pride of lions, families of giraffe, and much more. Overnight: Thomson Serengeti Nyumba at Robanda
Meals: (All meals included)

Day 8: Tuesday, June 27: - Serengeti National Park

When not on wildlife drives, the kids have opportunities to explore the nyumba site with their guide or work on a variety of games, puzzles, and projects that can be geared to any age. They may wish to try their hands at beading, identifying animal tracks, or searching for unusual insects. Overnight: Thomson Serengeti Nyumba at Robanda

Meals: (All meals included)

Day 9 : Wednesday, June 28: - Serengeti National Park

Today you will seek a vast array of animals, explore a unique village at the edge of the park and immerse yourself in a place described as “the world, as it was in the beginning.” The proud and resilient Ikoma reside in Robanda and the surrounding lands just west of the Serengeti. They are known for their hunting prowess, drumming and dance, and a recent determination to empower themselves and their children through education. The Ikoma have survived being forced from their lands, being raided by the Maasai, and being subjected to more recent exploitation efforts against them. Tonight reminisce with new friends and enjoy a delicious farewell dinner. Overnight: Thomson Serengeti Nyumba at Robanda
Meals: (All meals included)

Day 10: Thursday, June 29: - Serengeti / Arusha / Depart

Breakfast on your final day in the Serengeti may be tinged with sadness. It is a rare privilege to find a place as peaceful and unspoiled as this, where you can spend meaningful, uninterrupted family time. Enjoy the view from above as your plane takes off for Arusha. Have lunch with your companions and relax the rest of the afternoon before your evening flight to Amsterdam. Day Room: KIA Lodge
Meals: (All meals included)

Day 11: Friday, June 30: Amsterdam / U.S.

Connect in Amsterdam and arrive in the U.S, or independently. Flight;
Meals: (Meals aloft)

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Cost and Program Inclusions

Costs & Inclusions: (preliminary)

Adult Land Only: . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,790
Teen Land Only (12-15): . . . . $5,590
Child Land Only (6-11): . . . . . $5,2990
Single Supplement: . . . . . . . . $790

Your Tanzania Safari Includes:

  • Tanzanian-born professional safari guides who are your companions, your teachers, and at your service throughout the trip
  • Comfortable wildlife viewing in specially equipped four-wheel-drive Land Rover Defenders with pop-up roofs and customized, convenient battery charging outlets. Each traveler is guaranteed a window seat
  • Meals and bottled water, as listed in the itinerary, accommodations based on double occupancy, and park fees
  • Services at the lodges and Thomson camps
  • Daily safari briefing to help you prepare for each day’s wildlife viewing
  • Internal flight from the Serengeti to Arusha
  • Beer, wine, spirits and soda included at welcome and farewell dinners
  • Bush lunch
  • Village/cultural visits
  • Airport transfers for group
  • Accompanied throughout the trip by your Bryn Mawr Lecturer and Host

Rates Do Not Include:
International airfare from U.S. to Tanzania; airport departure tax; variable fuel surcharge; passport and visa fees; meals not specified in the itinerary; trip insurance; personal items such as alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, laundry, telephone and fax calls, gratuities for staff, and excess baggage charges.

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