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Galapagos Adventure

June 27 - July 7, 2002


We are very excited to offer this tour of the Galapagos Islands as part of our Continuing Education program for alumnae. This rugged archipelago erupted from the ocean floor of the Pacific millions of years ago. Its moon-like surface reflects its volatile geologic history. Each island, in the Galapagos chain has its own unique species specially adapted to the conditions through centuries of isolation.

Leading our exploration will be Maria Luisa"Weecha" Crawford '60, Bryn Mawr College Professor of Science & Environmental Sciences and Professor of Geology. Weecha's teaching has expanded her interests into exploring global environmental issues, especially those concerned with interactions between humans and the Earth. These include understanding the kinds of geological processes that affect human beings as well as the impact human beings have on the

Join us as we experience the unrivaled beauty and mystery of the Galapagos in person. Space is limited so I encourage you to reserve early.

If you have questions regarding the Galapagos travel program please call 800-543-8917.

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