Bryn Mawr Fund Class Chair

Job Description:

Responsibility: To solicit classmates for unrestricted Bryn Mawr Fund support; the Class Chair plays a critical role for Bryn Mawr because she oversees the only fundraising program designed to reach each alumna personally each year.

Term: Reunion to Reunion

Specific Duties:

  • Make a gift or pledge to the Bryn Mawr Fund before soliciting classmates
  • Draft an appeal letter in the Fall to be mailed by the Bryn Mawr Fund office in
  • February
  • Participate in the thanking process
  • Work with the Bryn Mawr Fund office to develop a strategy for increased gifts and participation , including the determination of a class goal
  • Monitor class progress and generate enthusiasm within the class
  • Assist with the strategy of the reunion gift effort
  • Attend the Alumnae Volunteers Weekend held jointly with the Alumnae Association in October to receive updates on the College's programs and help set strategies for the coming year

If you are interested in volunteering for the Bryn Mawr Fund contact Diane McLaughlin at or call 610-526-7396.