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Class Notes Policy

Deadlines for arrival of columns at the Alumnae Bulletin Office:

  • WINTER Aug. 1 (ODDS)
  • SPRING Nov. 15 (EVENS)
  • SUMMER Feb. 15 (ODDS)
  • FALL April 15 (EVENS)

about your classmates received at the Bulletin will be mailed to you approximately six weeks before deadline. You will receive a reminder approximately two weeks before deadline.

Because of our production schedule, we will not print notes received after the deadline. If you are unable to write a particular column, please arrange for a substitute or send us your material and we will write the column for you.

Most of the news you will receive from us is in the form of photocopies of News for the Editor flaps from Annual Fund appeals. These come to us from the College’s development office, Resources. We will also send you any press releases or clippings that we have received.

The recommended length is 400 words, or about 1-2/3 typed double-spaced pages; the limit is 750 words, or 3 typed, double-spaced pages, which applies to the large, more recent classes. If you have heard from only a few classmates, please don’t make your column unnecessarily long; "donate" your space to other editors.

Please encourage your classmates to communicate directly with you. Select the best, most telling, interesting items from each. Do not announce pregnancies or engagements, only births and weddings.

Please exercise caution when reporting information about alumnae/i that has been relayed by other classmates. Class Notes are meant to be a friendly and caring exchange of information among classmates, but some individuals may consider third-party reports to be a violation of their privacy, and inaccurate information can be very damaging to the subject. We recommend using quotes whenever possible when reporting secondhand information. If you need to condense secondhand information, please double-check your summary against the original letter or news form from the Annual Fund appeal. Personal information should not be reported unless it has come directly from an alumna/us or with her/his permission; we rely on your discretion and good judgment.

Class editors are responsible for the accuracy and legibility of the copy that they prepare. When we receive your columns, we research any items that we think are unclear or inaccurate, but our ability to do so is necessarily limited. If you have doubts about the accuracy of any item that you would like to use but are unable to check it yourself, please send it to us flagged with a verification request.

We cannot guarantee the accurate transcription of copy that has been handwritten. Please make sure that the names of alumnae/i in your column are spelled correctly. We have a student check these for us against the database, but errors can slip through. If you do not already have an updated list of class names, please ask us to send you one.

Obituaries may appear in the next issue, whether or not it’s your class’s turn for a column, if there is room. The Alumnae Office will notify you and your class president when it hears of a death among your classmates. If you hear of a death from the deceased’s family or other source, please call the Alumnae Office at 610-526-5233 and ask for Cynthia. The Alumnae Association must have confirmation of a death from a newspaper obituary or from the family before the Bulletin can publish an obituary. Length of obituaries may range from a sentence to 350 words. Class editors often write obituaries themselves, but they may ask a classmate who was especially close to the deceased to write the obit.

Open your column with your heading as it appears in the Bulletin:
Ellie Levy Zilber
RFD 1, Box 68
Londonderry, VT 05148

There is no indentation for the first paragraph. Subsequent paragraphs are indented. Boldface the names of BMC alumnae/i in your class on the first reference to them in your column (if you cannot boldface, underline the name): use first name, last name in college, and current last name: Mary Smith White. Do not boldface the names of classmates upon second reference. Do not boldface names of alumnae/i from other classes who are mentioned in the column, but give their class year: Mary Smith White’63. We use a limited number of abbreviations for states, dates and educational institutions.

Reunion Notes
Class editors turn over their job to a new class editor at reunion, but they may be responsible for writing a post-reunion letter at the request of the class. (Reunion Notes no longer appear in the Bulletin, but may be circulated to the class in a separate mailing.)

Electronic Transmissions
Columns may be faxed to the attention of Robin Parks at 610-526-5228. We would be delighted to receive submissions on computer disk or via e-mail. We’d prefer Rich Text Format (this should be in the list that comes up with "save as" options in your software) or Word for Windows. We can also have Mac files translated. Please enclose a printout with your disk, indicating the program used and whether it is for PC or Mac. We will not return the disk. Please e-mail your columns as attachments to Robin Parks at rparks@brynmawr.edu.

If you are sending your column on disk or via e-mail, please put names of classmates

  • in upper and lower case (NOT ALL UPPER CASE)
  • on first reference of name, boldface (if you’re using a word processor or sending file)

In addition,

  • Please USE BACKWARDS APOSTROPHES (i.e. ’60, not ‘60). You may need to insert this as a symbol or use the number pad rather than the apostrophe on the keyboard.
  • Please DO NOT USE THE TAB KEY to indent paragraphs. In fact, you can just leave them flush left.


Good black and white or color photographs should be sent to Robin Parks, Associate Editor, Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, 101 North Merion Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. Photos that are out of focus will not be used. Wedding photos or photos of children or babies of alumnae that do not show the alumnae themselves will appear on the Bulletin website. We will do our best to run all photos in the Bulletin near the corresponding class column. Photos received past the class notes deadline may be held over until the next corresponding column appears.