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Class President

The Class President (or Co-President, should the class so designate), is the chief administrator of the class. She coordinates all class activities and the work of the other class officers, and serves as the liaison with the Alumnae Association and the College. In addition, she shall perform the following specific duties:

  • The Class President initiates the writing of an annual class newsletter. This letter will include news of the College and of the members of the class. It will supplement, not compete with, the class notes which appear in two issues of the Alumnae Bulletin (even-year classes summer and winter; odd-year classes spring and fall). The Alumnae Office will process and mail all letters.
  • The President, in consultation with other class officers and appropriate staff members, shall find a replacement for any elected officer who resigns between class meetings.
  • The President, working closely with the Class Editor, shall make every effort to keep the Alumnae Office informed of news of classmates and encourage members of the class to keep in touch with the College.
  • The President, Class Annual Fund Chairs and Editor are notified when the Alumnae Office hears of the death of a member of the class. It is the President’s responsibility to write a condolence letter to the family (or ask an appropriate classmate to do so) and to pass on the news to others in the class who would want to know.
  • The Class President and Reunion Manager plan the Reunion for the class assisted by the Alumnae Association staff. Planning usually begins the Summer preceding the May Reunion with a meeting at the College at which key personnel of each reunion class plan the program and receive instructions.
  • Upon graduation and at each reunion thereafter each class elects its officers. All classes have a President, Annual Fund Chairs (appointed by the Resources Office), a Songmistress and an Editor; some elect, in addition, a Vice-President and Treasurer. After the 30th Reunion a class has a Bequest & Deferred Giving Chairperson. In order to be sure that those elected are willing to serve and are representative of the entire class, Presidents are urged to appoint a Nominating Committee and develop a slate before Reunion.

    The Alumnae Office is the clearinghouse for all alumnae activities and Class Presidents are encouraged to make use of the office and staff, either by correspondence or personal visits, whenever they need information or assistance.

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