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Club Volunteer Positions

Club Officers


  • Determine overall direction of the club
  • Call and preside at 4 meetings per year
  • Appoint specific committees (nominating, young alumnae/i, public relations)
  • Write annual president’s letter asking for membership dues and donations
  • Make sure that at least one newsletter goes out each year
  • Maintain records of club activities and file an annual report each May
  • Attend Alumnae Council when appropriate
  • Keep informed about the college
  • Thank and nurture volunteers

Vice Presidents or Chairs

  • Assist the President Carry out specific duties as assigned (Social Chair, Benefit Chair, Membership Chair, Admissions Rep., Young Alumnae Rep., Career Network Coordinator, Seven Sisters Rep., Publicity Chair, Web Mistress)


  • Write and keep a file of minutes of all meetings
  • Distribute minutes to Board members (by mail, email)
  • Maintain current membership list
  • Notify Board members of meetings (by telephone, mail or email)
  • Work with AA to create directory
  • Notify AA of address changes
  • Create an annual directory and distribute to dues paying members


  • Work with President to prepare a budget
  • Maintain appropriate bank account in the club’s name
  • Receive and keep accurate records of all incoming money (dues, gifts, fundraising)
  • Pay all club bills and keep accurate records of all expenses
  • Ensure that the club complies with laws relating to fundraising and taxes; file necessary forms
  • Report on finances at Board meetings
  • Keep a file with bank account numbers, bank statements, copies of tax forms and exemption certificates, bulk mail permit (if any)
  • Send regional scholarship contributions and a list of contributors to the AA, or keep separate records of regional scholarship contributions if managed by the club
  • File an Annual Finance Report to the AA in May each year

Clubs may also have:

  • Career development representative
  • Representative to Seven Sister or Ivy League group
  • Young alumnae/i coordinator
  • Publicity chair
  • Newsletter editor
  • Web mistress

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