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Advisory Committees

Annual Fund Committee

Works with the Annual Fund Chair and the Resources Office to encourage giving to Bryn Mawr on an annual basis. Members include a Representative from each decade of Bryn Mawr graduates; Representatives from the alumnae/i of the Graduate School of Social Work and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; a Representative from the Parents' Fund; the Chair of the Slade Society; a Secretary; and other members as determined by the Annual Fund Chair. Chair of the Alumnae Association Executive Board is a member, ex officio.

Alumnae Bulletin Editorial Committee

Five members who act as commissioning editors and work with the Editor to contribute article ideas, critique draft issues and work with alumnae authors to develop and edit articles. Meet three times a year at BMC.

Alumnae-Student Committee

The Alumnae-Student Committee meets monthly to discuss the many issues facing today's students and tailors programs to address those needs. Primarily, the Committee sponsors events that offer undergraduates the opportunity to interact with alumnae, both on and off campus. The committee aims to provide events serving each of the four class years. This acquaints students with the Alumnae Association and the programs it offers before they graduate.

Audit Committee

Four members who meet at least annually at the AA Office to supervise preparation of the Association’s annual budget and oversee the work of the Association auditors

Career Development Representatives

Seven to fourteen members from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington. Attends Alumnae Council. Work with the Career Development Office and Alumnae Association to foster a bi-college career network among alumni and students through programs and individual assistance.

Finance Committee

Six members who meet periodically at the AA Office to oversee the management of the Association’s investment portfolio.

Nominating Committee

Twelve members – one from each of the ten Districts, a Chair and a representative of the Executive Board. Meets twice a year at the College (once in the spring and once during Alumnae Council). Nominates all Executive Board members, Alumnae Trustees and District Councillors.

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