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Executive Board

Alumnae Trustees

Five-year term. Alumnae trustees represent alumnae to the Board of Trustees and serve the community by commitment to the College and principled decision-making. Nominees are chosen by the Association's Committee on Leadership Development and must meet the qualifications of the Bylaws of the College. At least once every five years such nominee must be a person who holds a Bryn Mawr graduate degree but who did not attend the College as an undergraduate.

Executive Board

The Alumnae Association Executive Board (AAEB) is the governing body of the Association. It acts in an advisory capacity to the College, the Association and its Executive Director. The AAEB consists of fifteen alumnae members: four officers comprising the Executive Committee, seven portfolio representatives and four At-Large positions. Each position has a three-year term with the exception of the President who serves a five year term. All members attend Executive Board meetings three times a year as well as Alumnae Volunteers Weekend and Reunion.


Five-year term. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, serves as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees and presides at meetings of the Association and the AAEB. The President is also a member ex officio of the Committee on Leadership Development and may serve on joint committees and task forces.


The Vice-President functions as an at-large position except that the Vice President shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of the President in case of the President's absence or incapacity.


The Secretary, or in the Secretary's absence a designated member of the AAEB, shall oversee the creation of the minutes of all meetings of the AAEB and of meetings of the members of the Association.


The Treasurer acts as a liaison between the AAEB and the College's Treasurer and Investment Committee, reviewing financial results on a periodic basis. The Treasurer shall review the Association's annual budget and present it to the AAEB and the Association's members at the Annual Meeting.

Chair, Bryn Mawr Fund

The Chair of the Bryn Mawr Fund works with the Development Office to help meet fundraising objectives for the Bryn Mawr Fund. This director's primary responsibility is to work with Class Chairs and the Development Office to encourage giving on an annual basis.

Chair, Committee on Leadership Development

The Chair of the Committee on Leadership Development presides over the fall and spring meetings of the Committee and contacts candidates identified by the Committee for each position until each office has a candidate. This director also acts as a resource to the AAEB and the College for alumnae/i to be named to other offices. This director works with the Association's Executive Director to oversee implementation of leadership development plans.

Representative for Clubs & Affinity Groups

This representative works with Club Presidents and Affinity Groups, encouraging them to keep alumnae/i connected with the College and each other and to raise the visibility of the College in their areas. This representative is responsible for providing Club Presidents and Affinity leaders with training materials and information and supports the Association's Executive Director and President in their work with clubs and affinity groups.

Representative for Alumnae Communications

This representative acts as Chairperson of the Alumnae Bulletin Advisory Board, which meets twice per year and works with the Alumnae Bulletin Editor to advance the mission of the Bulletin. This representative works with the Editor and Executive Director to stay informed about the College's strategic initiatives.

Representative for Careers

This representative serves as the national Career Network & Program Coordinator, providing a link between the Career Development Office, the Association, and volunteer Career Development Representatives. This representative helps to select and maintain contact with the Career Development representatives.

Representative for Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

This member represents graduate alumnae/i and serves as a liaison between the AAEB, alumnae/i, students and Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Representative for Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

This member represents graduate alumnae/i and serves as a liaison between the AAEB, alumnae/i, students and Dean of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

At-Large Representatives

At-Large members represent alumnae/i across age and geographic cohort by engaging with the community at large, actively participating in the strategic planning of the Association, lending their expertise to particular portfolios and task forces, being generally informed about the College and Association, serving as a resource about the College, and being a spokesperson to classmates and the community.

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