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Reunion Managers

The Reunion Manager is appointed by the Class President or elected by classmates at the class meeting during the previous reunion. Her first duty is to attend the planning meeting held at the College the summer before reunion. All aspects of reunion are discussed at this meeting and if the manager cannot attend she shall arrange to have a classmate come in her place.

At least two letters will be sent to the class prior to Reunion. The first (Sept./Oct.) will create interest, elicit suggestions, comments, ideas for programs, names of faculty the class wishes to entertain, and may include a tear-off sheet to be returned to the Reunion Manager asking classmates if they plan to attend reunion. All class members should be made to feel welcome and to feel that they are participating in the planning.

The second letter (Jan./Feb.) should include details on special class events, a list of those who are planning to come, and another welcoming appeal for a big turnout. The addition of a personal note is very effective – so is telephoning. A "phonathon" is effective for eliciting support.

The Alumnae Office will order special reunion letterhead and envelopes in class colors and will process and mail all letters. If you mail a letter to your class yourself, please send a copy to the Alumnae Office.

Forming a Reunion Committee
The Reunion Manager may delegate responsibility and is encouraged to assemble a team to help her with the logistics of Reunion Weekend. The more classmates a Reunion Manager can involve in the planning stages, the greater the general level of enthusiasm in May.

Committee members could share responsibility for:

  • Planning a class program
  • Stocking the hospitality suite
  • Choosing faculty to invite to lunch or dinner
  • Selecting a songmistress
  • Appointing a Reunion Booklet Editor – (if your class chooses to do a booklet)
  • Ordering class favors – i.e., hats, mugs, key chains, tee shirts, umbrellas, etc. (The Bryn Mawr Book Store can help with this.)
  • Planning the Saturday class dinner if it is to be held on campus.

On Friday morning of Reunion Weekend there is a meeting of Managers and Presidents to go over final plans. During this meeting the very important details of registration and room assignments are explained. Following the morning meeting class presidents and reunion managers are invited to lunch in Wyndham.

Contact Molly Scott the Assistant Director for Classes and Reunions for more information.