October 12+13

Keynote Lecture:
Irene Winter,
Harvard University
October 12, 6:00 pm

October 13
10 am - 5:30 pm

Payson Lecture Room
Carpenter Library
Bryn Mawr College



The Third Biennial Graduate Student Symposium is sponsored by the Graduate Students of The Departments of Art History, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, and Greek, Latin and Classical Studies.

The Graduate Student Symposium Committee would like to express their special thanks to the following persons. Stella Miller-Collett, Chair of the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Steven Z. Levine, Chair of the Department of History of Art, and Darby Scott, Chair of the Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History, have offered their encouragement and support, financial and otherwise, as has Dale Kinney, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Likewise, the Center for Visual Culture, directed by Steven Z. Levine, has provided invaluable financial assistance. Eileen Markson, Head Librarian of the Rhys Carpenter Library, has both encouraged the project and graciously extended the use of these wonderful facilities. Many thanks are due to Pamela J. Cohen, Sara Owen and Oliva Cardona, department secretaries, for their generous help and patience at all stages of planning;to Bryn Mawr Conferences and Events; to Bryn Mawr Dining Services; to Bryn Mawr Multimedia Services and to the Digital Media and Visual Resource Center. We especially thank Chris Dietrich who has again generously donated his time and skill in the design and production of printed conference materials. www.dietrichdesigns.com