To the Ends of the Earth: Journeys Ancient to Modern.

October 12-13, 2007

Keynote Lectures

Jas Elsner: Visiting Professor, Art History, Department of Classical Languages and Literature; Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
Lisa Nakamura: Associate Professor, Department of Speech Communication and Asian American Studies. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Event Schedule:

Friday, October 12

2-4 pm- Registration in Carpenter Library

4-4:30 pm- Tea in the Quita Woodward Room

4:30-6 pm- Lecture by Lisa Nakamura

6-8 pm- Reception in the Rare Books Room, Canaday Library

Saturday, October 13

8-9am- breakfast, Quita Woodward Room

9-9:15 am- Opening remarks by Jas Elsner

9:15-10:45 am- Session 1: "Beyond the Sea"

10:45 -11 am- Coffee break, Quita Woodward Room

11- 12:30 pm- Session 2: "Fantastic Voyage"

12:30 -2pm- Lunch, Cloisters (if rain, Quita Woodward Room)

2-3:30pm - Session 3: "Like a Rolling Stone"

3:30-3:45- Coffee Break

3:45-5:15- Session 4: "Around the World"

5:15-6:30 pm- Concluding remarks by Jas Elsner and Lisa Nakamura

7-7:30 pm- Reception, TBA

8 pm- Dinner, Silk Cuisine

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