Hamriya: New Excavations
The archaeological site of al-Hamriya lies to the north-west of Muweilah and is situated alongside several active and inactive lagoons. Beginning in 2006, a research team from The Directorate of Antiquities (Sharjah), Bryn Mawr College and The University of Tübingen began research at this site. The aim of this research is to map and investigate  the extensive shell-midden remains that characterize this area. So far, nearly 100 hectares of ancient occupation have been mapped and artifactual and radiocarbon data indicate that this area was exploited from the Neolithic (c. 5000 BC) through to the recent past with the Iron Age II period (c.1100-600 BC) the most commonly attested. Continuing research at this site will focus on determining the ancient lifeways of people living here and how they interacted with the inhabitants of other major settlements in the region, including Muweilah and Tell Abraq. Geomorphological research at the site will also provide an opportunity to investigate sea level change in the adjacent Arabian Gulf.