The Chronology of Muweilah
Typically in near eastern archaeology a mix of historical dates and assumed correlations with events (such as destructions) have been used to date Iron Age sites. In southeastern Arabia, researchers are not encumbered by this type of data so rely on carbon-14 dates. We have over thirty C-14 dates from Muweilah and these indicate that the main area of the settlement (Area C) came into existence by the ninth century BC. The massive destruction that characterizes all deposits in Area C have provided plenty of carbon material. Some samples, such as entire carbonized dates, should have existed in the carbon cycle fairly close to the time at which the settlement was destroyed. These indicate that the site was certainly destroyed between c. 800 and 600 BC. A destruction in the first fifty years of this timeframe (800-750 BC) is most likely but could not be absolutely insisted upon at present. The ancient settlement was, therefore, very short lived by archaeological standards.