Tell Abraq: New Excavations
Tell Abraq is justifiably considered one of the most important archaeological sites in southeastern Arabia. Excavated between 1989 and  1996 by a team led by Professor Dan Potts of the University of Sydney the site revealed a stratified archaeological sequence stretching from c. 2500 to c. 250 BC and a barely-disturbed Umm an-Nar collective tomb.
Beginning in the winter of 2006/7, the joint University of Tübingen/Bryn Mawr College project in collaboration with the Sharjah Directorate of Antiquities recommenced excavations at this site. The intent of this renewed research is to assess environmental change and alterations of ancient lifeways through the three millennia the site was occupied. In addition to researchers and students from its home institutions, the project includes graduate researchers such as Dianne Barker from the University of Sydney.