Machteld Mellink's trip to Turkey, September 30 - October 15, 2003
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
updated 12/2/2003

Thanks to the support of Aslı Özyar (MA 1988, PhD 1991) and Ilknur Ozgen (MA 1976, PhD 1982), we were able to organize a trip to Turkey for emeritus Professor Machteld Mellink in October of this year.   Prof. Mellink was accompanied by Jim Wright (MA 1972, PhD 1978 and current chair of the department) and Mary Dabney (AB 1976).  The purpose of the trip was to go to Elmalı to inspect the painted tombs at Kızıbel and Karaburun and to get agreement from authorities in the Ministry of Culture and the town to proceed with plans for permanent storage of material from the excavations in the Elmalı region and for a regional museum.

The trip began in Istanbul, where we were put up in guest houses at Boğaziçi University.  A special moment for Prof. Mellink was seeing again her old friends, Profs. Halet Çambel and Ufuk Usin.

Prof. Özyar led a delegation from the university to Tarsus, where we spent several days.   Prof. Özyar showed us the work that has been done establishing the facilities for excavation of the great mound and we also met the local director of the museum and looked at work being done in the city.  Photos are posted below, pp. 1-3.

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TURK031-0536_IMG TURK031-0539_IMG TURK031-0541_IMG TURK031-0542_IMG
At the airport (from L to R) Aslı Özyar, Ayşe Soysal (Dean of Arts and Sciences, Bogaziçi University), Mary Dabney, Machteld Mellink, Arzu Öztürkmen (Prof., Dept. of History, Bogaziçi University), Gunhan Danişman (Prof., Dept. of History, Bogaziçi University), Oct. 5, 2003. The dig house at Tarsus, Oct. 6, 2003 Tea at the storeroom and study building across the street, Oct. 6, 2003. A view of the courtyard of the storeroom and study building, Oct. 6, 2003.
TURK031-0543_IMG TURK031-0545_IMG TURK031-0550_IMG TURK031-0552_IMG
Another view of the courtyard of the storeroom and study building, Oct. 6, 2003. The storeroom and study building from the street (note the ashlar masonry and traditional half-timbered second storey), Oct. 6, 2003. Prof. Mellink and Mr. Sabit Usta, the photographer at Tarsus in 1947 and later at Nemrud Dag, Oct. 6, 2003. Heading off to the mound (MJM, Dean Soysal, Dr. Özyar, Prof. Öztürkmen), Oct. 6, 2003.