Machteld Mellink's trip to Turkey, September 30 - October 15, 2003
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
updated 12/2/2003

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Tarsus: A view of the exterior of the one restored storeroom, Oct. 6, 2003. Tarsus:   The 18-19th c. church of the Apostle Paul next to the storeroom, Oct. 7, 2003. Tarsus: The interior workroom of the storeroom, Oct. 7, 2003.   Tarsus: The shelving the in the storeroom, Oct. 7, 2003.
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Tarsus: The main room of the old cotton factory: work yet to be done, Oct. 7, 2003. Tarsus: Lunch (left to right: Emre, Mary Dabney, Aslı Özyar, Machteld Mellink, Arzu Öztürkmen, Andrea de Giorgi, Ayşe Soysal) , Oct. 7, 2003.   Tarsus: Article in Oct. 3 local newspaper on the 1947 team, at left Theresa Guell, foreground Machteld Mellink, right Ariette Cenani (later Mrs. Mellaart), behind Mr. Usta, Oct. 7, 2003. Restoration work on 19th c. houses in Tarsus, Oct. 7, 2003.