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James C. Wright

PhD: Bryn Mawr College 1978

Professor; Chairman, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology: Aegean prehistory and Greek archaeology, spatial theory, archaeological theory and method.

Office: Thomas Hall 227

Office hours:
Tuesday 4-5pm
Wednesday 10am-12pm

Phone: 610-526-5340


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
Pre- and protohistoric Aegean; Greek architecture and urbanism; land-use and settlement; method and theory, GIS and cultural geography

Aegean Pre- and Protohistory, Ancient Greek Cities and Sanctuaries, The Early Bronze Age, Early and Middle Minoan Crete, The Mycenaeans, The Origins of the Polis, Greek architecture

Recent Publications:

  • Comparative Settlement Patterns During the Bronze Age in the Peloponnesos, J. Cherry and S.Alcock, eds. Side-by-Side Survey: Comparative Regional Studies in the Mediterranean, (Proceedings of a Conference at the University of Michigan, April 4-7, 2002). Oxford: David Brown, 2004.
  • Mycenaean Drinking Service and Standards of Etiquette, in P. Halstead and J. eds. Food, Cuisine and Society in Prehistoric Greece. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2004.
  • General editor, The Mycenaean Feast, Papers of a colloquium at the General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Philadelphia, January 2001. Hesperia, summer 2004.
  • Introduction, in The Mycenaean Feast, Hesperia, summer 2004.
  • The Iconographic and Artifactual Evidence for Mycenaean Feasting, in The Mycenaean Feast, Hesperia, summer 2004.
  • The Emergence of Leadership and the Origins of Civilisation in the Aegean , in P. Halstead, ed. The Emergence of Civilisation in the Bronze Age Aegean : Retrospect and Prospect. Sheffield Academic Press, forthcoming 2004.
  • Factions and the Origins of Leadership and Identity in Mycenaean Society. abstract. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London. 45 (1999), p. 182.
  • A Marble Figurine from Tsoungiza. In P. P. Betancourt and R. Laffineur. (Eds.). Meletemata, Studies in Aegean Archaeology presented to Malcolm H. Wiener as he Enters his 65th Year. Aegaeum, 20 . Liège, (1999), pp. 945-951.
  • Mary K. Dabney, James C. Wright, and Donald H. Sanders. Virtual Reality and the Future of Publishing Archaeological Excavations: the multimedia publication of the prehistoric settlements on Tsoungiza at Ancient Nemea. In David Bearman and Jennifer Trant. (Eds.). Cultural Heritage Informatics 1999: selected papers from ichim99. Pittsburgh : Archives and Museum Informatics. Pittsburgh, (1999), pp. 125-132.
  • The Place of Troy Among the Civilizations of the Bronze Age. Classical World, 91 (1998), pp. 356-368.
  • Thugs or Heroes? The Early Mycenaeans and Their Graves of Gold". In Richard H. Howland, (ed.). A Mycenaean Treasure Trove: Repatriated Jewelry Goes Home. (Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Society for the Preservation of the Greek Heritage and held at the Smithsonian Institution, January 26, 1996), Washington, D.C. (1997), pp. 5-17.

Personal Statement:
My primary interest is in the evolution of complex societies in the Aegean basin, and this leads to interests in architecture and urbanism, the social aspects of socio-political integration, the use of the landscape by humans. I have always been interested in ancient Greek architecture, especially as it informs us about the development of the polis, of Greek sanctuaries, of regionalism and of the spread of Hellenism. I am currently coordinating with Greek colleagues the excavation of Mycenaean cemeteries in the vicinity of ancient Nemea, Greece.

Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
Bryn Mawr College • 101 North Merion Avenue • Bryn Mawr, PA  19010-2899   (Directions)
Phone: (610) 526-5053/5334,   Fax: (610) 526-7955
Email: Pam Cohen
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