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James C. Wright

PhD: Bryn Mawr College 1978
William R. Kenan Jr. Chair and Professor
on leave 2012 - 2017

Research Interests:
Pre- and protohistoric Aegean; Greek architecture and urbanism; land-use and settlement; method and theory, GIS and cultural geography

Courses: Aegean Pre- and Protohistory, Ancient Greek Cities and Sanctuaries, The Early Bronze Age, Early and Middle Minoan Crete, The Mycenaeans, The Origins of the Polis, Greek

Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Personal Statement:
My primary interest is in the evolution of complex societies in the Aegean basin, and this leads to interests in architecture and urbanism, the social aspects of socio-political integration, the use of the landscape by humans. I have always been interested in ancient Greek architecture, especially as it informs us about the development of the polis, of Greek sanctuaries, of regionalism and of the spread of Hellenism. I am currently coordinating with Greek colleagues the excavation of Mycenaean cemeteries in the vicinity of ancient Nemea, Greece and bringing to press with Dr. Mary Dabney the results of our excavations of the prehistoric settlement on Tsoungiza at Ancient Nemea, Greece.