Art Spaces

Art Spaces

Dear Students,

Welcome to Art Spaces!

The performing arts provide marvelous opportunities for self-expression, for exploration, and for leadership. Some of you already have significant experience mounting performances; for others, this may be your first foray. Bryn Mawr welcomes you!

This new website is a valuable resource for any student or student group.  It orients you to the performance spaces at the newly renovated Goodhart Hall and across campus. It provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to reserve space, how and when to book technical assistance, and how to plan for pre- and post-production activities. It directs you to key staff members on campus who can advise you and provide assistance.

I encourage you to visit this website and to take advantage of the many opportunities to attend and to participate in performances at the College. These events broaden horizons, challenge preconceptions, and delight the senses.


Signature Kim Cassidy, Interim President

Kimberly E.Cassidy