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Research Projects

The Asch Center is involved in a variety of projects related to ethnopolitical conflict. Please refer to our Research Agenda for an overview. Several current and recent projects are described HERE.



Research Seminars

Since moving to Bryn Mawr College, the Asch Center has continued the practice of hosting talks from affiliated faculty and other professionals whose activities are related to issues of ethnopolitical conflict. Speakers from the Boston -- Washington, D.C. corridor are invited to offer their latest research findings and theoretical proposals for engaging and free-flowing discussion.  The talks are co-sponsored by Peace and Conflict Studies and the Social Sciences Center at Bryn Mawr. 

Speakers during the 2007-2008 academic year include:

21 April, 2008

Barak Mendelsohn

Haverford College

Westphalia vs. God: The Longer World War


31 March, 2008

photo of Rafi Nets

Rafi Nets-Zehngut

Tel Aviv University, Israel;

International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR)

Teachers College, Columbia University


Transformation of the

Collective Memory of Intractable Conflicts:

A Theoretical Model and

Empirical Findings from Israel


4 March, 2008



Dr. Amar Jesani
Centre for Studies in Ethics and Rights

Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes

Mumbai, India

Health and Rights Violations in the Gujarat Riots of 2002*

28 January, 2008


Dr. Yechiel Klar

Department of Psychology

Tel Aviv University

Russell Berrie Visiting Professor Lehigh University


Coming to Terms with Your Ingroup's Moral Infringements: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as a Case Study*




27 November, 2007


Dominic Bryan
Director, the Institute for Irish Studies
Queens University. Belfast

Paramilitaries, Marking Territory, and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland*




Past Activities


For a description of events and activities during the Asch Center’s association with the University of Pennsylvania, click HERE.



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