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Summer Institutes

The Asch Center's fourth biennial Summer Institute concluded in 2005.  Information about past Summer Institutes is available on this website.

Refugee Initiatives

Under the guidance and leadership of Director of Refugee Initiatives Arancha Garcia del Soto, the Asch Center is engaged in a wide range of efforts toward providing scholarly, practice-based, and policy-focused support to refugees and those organizations serving this vulnerable yet resilient population. Examples of current initiatives can be found HERE.

Research Projects

The Asch Center is involved in a variety of projects related to ethnopolitical conflict. Please refer to our Research Agenda for an overview. Several current and recent projects are described HERE.

Tuesday Research Seminars

While Fall and Spring terms are in session, the Asch Center hosts a colloquium each Tuesday for affiliated faculty and other professionals whose activities are related to issues of ethnopolitical conflict. Speakers from the Boston -- Washington, D.C. corridor are invited to offer their latest research findings and theoretical proposals for engaging and free-flowing discussion. A list of presenters and topics from past semesters is available HERE.

Foreign Graduate Student Exchange Program

With generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Asch Center has established a program to enable selected graduate students from universities in other countries to spend a semester studying at the University of Pennsylvania with Center staff and affiliated faculty.

International Network Sites

The Asch Center is continuing efforts to further develop collaborative arrangements with other social scientists and practitioners in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Israel/Palestine, and Sri Lanka. Selected Fellows have received Asch Center support for one-year or two-year placements at overseas sites. The Fellows’ activities are determined by their specific research and clinical interests in conjunction with the staff of the Asch Center and the particular site sponsors.  For more information click HERE.


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Current Activities

Summer Institutes

Refugee Initiatives

Research Projects

Tuesday Seminars

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International Network Sites

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