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Interdisciplinary faculty affiliated with the Solomon Asch Center represent four different local colleges and universities -- Penn, Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College, and Drexel University -- spanning nine disciplines:  psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, public policy, communication, education, and medicine.


Gordon Bermant

Lecturer, Benjamin Franklin Honors Program

University of Pennsylvania

Psychology and law, the role of judiciaries in political affairs, judicial administration, Buddhist psychology.

gordon.bermant at verizon.net


Lee Cassanelli

Director, African Studies Center and
Associate Professor of History
University of Pennsylvania

Horn of Africa; social and cultural and transformations in Somalia; history and memory in Somali refugee communities.

lcassane at sas.upenn.edu

Thomas Callaghy

Berry Term Professor in the Social Sciences

University of Pennsylvania

Co-Director, Lauder Institute of Management & Int'l. Studies

Cross-regional and historical comparative politics of debt and economic reform in the Third World; historical development of states, bureaucracies, and capitalism.

tcallagh at sas.upenn.edu


Randall Collins

Professor of Sociology

University of Pennsylvania

Long-term social and economic change, with an emphasis on the meshings and mutual embeddings of political, economic, and cultural networks and dynamics.

collinsr at sas.upenn.edu


Renee C. Fox

Annenberg Professor Emerita of Social Sciences

University of Pennsylvania

Sociology  of medicine; Social, cultural, cross-cultural,and ethical  
aspects of  health and illness,  medical education and medical research,
and the delivery of care.

rcfox at ssc.upenn.edu


Araceli Garcia-del Soto

Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow

  Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA)

Survivors of violence; humanitarian intervention

argarcia at fordham.edu

Paul Kaiser

Associate Director, African Studies Center

University of Pennsylvania

Religious and ethnic conflict in sub-Saharan Africa.

pkaiser at sas.upenn.edu


Igor Kopytoff

Professor of Anthropology

University of Pennsylvania

Cultural anthropology; Africa; history of anthropology; social structure; African religious transformations and African political culture; culture history; economic anthropology.

kopytoff at sas.upenn.edu

Rob Kurzban

Associate Professor of Psychology

University of Pennsylvania
The nature of evolved cognitive adaptations for social life, including relatively low-level processes of social categorization as well as higher-level processes including cooperative decision making, discrimination, and morality.

Ann Lesch

Professor of Political Science

Villanova University

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Egyptian and Sudanese politics, ethnicity and religion in politics.

ann.lesch at villanova.edu


Jeanne Marecek

Professor of Psychology

Swarthmore College

Psychological suffering, local conceptions of suffering and well-being; and psychosocial interventions in war-affected areas; transcultural approaches to clinical psychology; cultural-specific emotion practices (including suicide and self-harm) in Sri Lanka.

jmarece1 at swarthmore.edu


Usha Menon

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Drexel University

Cultural anthropology, issues in health, family, and gender.

menonu at drexel.edu


Anne Norton

Professor of Political Science

University of Pennsylvania

Identity and history; gender; race; colonialism and post colonialism; tradition and revolution.

anorton at sas.upenn.edu


Albert Pepitone

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

University of Pennsylvania

Aggression, cultural psychology.

pepitone at psych.upenn.edu


Paula Sabloff

Acting Curator-in-Charge, Asian Section, University Museum

Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology

University of Pennsylvania

Cultural anthropology; political anthropology; applied anthropology; Mongolia; United States of America; Latin America; anthropology of complex societies.

psabloff at sas.upenn.edu 


Harold Schiffman

Luce Professor of Language Learning

University of Pennsylvania

Language policy and language conflict in South and Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union, and the United States. More information about the Consortium for Language Policy and  Planning is available here:


haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu 

Lee Smithey

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Peace and Conflict Studies Program

Swarthmore College

Northern Ireland, conflict transformation, nonviolent strategy, social movements. 

LSmithe1 at swarthmore.edu


Brian Spooner

Professor of Anthropology

University of Pennsylvania

Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia; Islam, globalization and conflict.
spooner at sas.upenn.edu


Stephen Steinberg

Advisor to the President and

Lecturer in Philosophy and Communications

University of Pennsylvania

Philosophy of nationalism; public discourse, ideology,  and contemporary culture and community; phenomenology, existentialism, and postmodernist thought; psychoanalysis; contemporary issues in higher education.

sps at pobox.upenn.edu



Robert Vitalis

Professor of Political Science

University of Pennsylvania

Middle East politics, historical comparative political economy, American expansionism, the history of international relations theory, African-American intellectual traditions.

rvitalis at sas.upenn.edu


Arthur Waldron

Lauder Professor of International Relations, Department of History

University of Pennsylvania

China and East Asia, world military and diplomatic history.

awaldron2 at mac.com




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