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Current and Recent Research Projects


o    The Future of Arab-Israeli Relations

o    Dynamics of the War on Terror

o    Core Beliefs of Individuals and Groups

o    Attachment to Land

o    Essentialism and Aversion


Agent-Based Modeling

Researchers at the Asch Center are employing agent-based modeling using computer simulation to investigate:

o    Political Violence and Its Impacts, focusing on testing coherent operationalizations of "violence" and measuring its impact under different political conditions.

Researchers: Ian Lustick (University of Pennsylvania), Daniel Isaacs (University of Pennsylvania), Adam Porroni (University of Pennsylvania)

o    The determinants of political cascades and tipping behavior under simple and complex conditions of population heterogeneity.

Researchers: Ian Lustick (University of Pennsylvania), Dan Miodownik (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Kaija Schilde (University of Pennsylvania)

o    Virtualstan: the dynamics of succession in culturally complex authoritarian regimes.

Researchers: Britt Cartrite (Alma College), Ian Lustick (University of Pennsylvania)

o    Beita: Secessionism and ethnopolitical mobilization by peripheries and centers.

Researchers: Ian Lustick (University of Pennsylvania, Dan Miodownik (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Roy Eidelson (University of Pennsylvania)

Israel and "HaBotz haMizrach haTichoni"

Studying the future of Arab-Israeli relations under conditions of extreme polarization.

Researcher: Ian Lustick

The War on Terror, Dynamics and Consequences

Trapped in the War on Terror Website

Researcher: Ian Lustick

Core Beliefs of Individuals and Groups

This research program focuses on how five key issues—and the beliefs we hold about them—influence our personal and collective lives. Concerns revolving around vulnerability, injustice, distrust, superiority, and helplessness are crucial contributors to how we experience and make sense of the world. They are also the key lenses through which individuals and groups evaluate information and form judgments about appropriate priorities, policies, and actions. More information is available here.

Researcher: Roy Eidelson

Attachment to Land

Exploration of why many people consider their national land "untradable" and sacred. Studies of Israeli and American Jews, and Israeli, Palestinian and American Arabs.

Researchers: Paul Rozin and Sharon Wolf (University of Pennsylvania)

Essentialism and Aversion

Cultural essentialism. Analysis of the lay view that once one is raised in a culture, one is indelibly imbued with fundamental aspects of the culture, and responsibility for past deeds of ancestors in the culture.

Researchers: Paul Rozin, Clark McCauley, and Natasha Fedotova (University of Pennsylvania)

Ethnic aversion. The conditions under which a real or imagined atrocity, in which members of Group A do something terrible to members of Group B, leads to a general aversion to all members of Group A by members of Group B who were not directly affected.

Researchers: Paul Rozin, Clark McCauley, Lina Cherfas, Tomas Radil, and Jurka Radil (University of Pennsylvania)




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