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The Solomon Asch Center Summer Institutes are innovative interdisciplinary programs designed to bridge the gap between research and practice by bringing together social scientists and practitioners to study the origins and consequences of ethnopolitical conflict, including issues relevant to working with refugees and others suffering from this conflict. Each Summer Institute, offered during alternating years, presents a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum of social science theories, research methods, and findings relevant to studying ethnopolitical conflict and its mental health effects, taught by leading experts from around the country and the world. The Institute also provides the opportunity, framework, and intellectual environment for fostering the initial steps toward research collaborations among the participating Fellows. The Asch Center has held summer institutes in 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2005.   We are currently seeking funding to resume the program. 



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Summer Institute

Summer Institute 2005


Summer Institute 2003


Summer Institute 2001

Summer Institute 1999

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