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Institut d'Etudes Françaises d'Avignon

The Institut d'Etudes Françaises d'Avignon, under the auspices of Bryn Mawr College, offers a six-week summer program of intensive work in significant aspects of French culture. This advanced program, established in 1962, is designed for selected undergraduate and graduate students with serious interest in French language, literature and civilization, and primarily for those who expect to engage in professional careers requiring a knowledge of France and the French language.

Avignon is situated in the Rhone Valley, less than fifty miles from the Mediterranean. All of the finest monuments of Roman Gaul are easily accessible from the city. Within its walls stands the most remarkable complex of fourteenth-century architecture in France, dating back to the period when Avignon was the seat of the Papacy and supplanted Rome as the capital of Christendom. Today this region has recaptured much of its former cultural importance. Each summer internationally known festivals of drama and music are held at Avignon and neighboring Orange, Vaison-la-Romaine, Les Baux, Arles and Aix-en-Provence.

The program is open to male and female students from other colleges and from Bryn Mawr. Some of the courses carry graduate credit. The Institut director and faculty members are French professors teaching in colleges and universities in the United States and Europe. Classes are held at the Médiathèque Ceccano. Library and research facilities are available to the students in the Médiathèque Ceccano, with its fine collection of 250,000 volumes, and at the Université d'Avignon. Applicants for admission must have strong academic records and have completed a course in French at a third-year college level or the equivalent.

At the Médiathèque Ceccano and during all activities of the Institut, students are required to converse only in French. Students will be asked to sign a pledge agreeing to comply with this rule.

During the Avignon Festival, students will have an opportunity to attend plays produced by various French drama groups. The cultural and architectural wealth of Provence will be explored on Wednesdays.


Men and women students of high academic achievement who have completed the equivalent of three years of college-level French may apply for admission. All applications should be accompanied by a transcript of the student's full academic record and by letters from the academic advisor and from a professor of French. Preference will be given to applicants under the age of thirty who are prepared for careers in fields where a knowledge of France and its language may be required, such as teaching, foreign service or international affairs. Qualified French students are also admitted as auditors to certain courses given at the Institut. All students must agree to abide by the self-government rules of the group. The Institut reserves the right to exclude at any time a student whose conduct or academic work is unsatisfactory. In such cases the Institut fee will neither be refunded nor remitted in whole or in part.



    We strongly encourage that all applications are sent by March 2.  Applications without scholarship are accepted after the March 2 deadline. All applications received after March 2 are accepted on a rolling admission basis, but space is limited.

    If you are unable to complete the on-line application, please contact or call 610-526-5984. Paper applications are available for those who are not able to apply on-line. The processing fee for a paper application is $25.

    • Scholarship Request Form (email to obtain form). Please complete your Wufoo application before requesting a scholarship.

Students live with French families, mostly under a demi-pension (breakfast and dinner) arrangement. This residential plan insures both the development of fluency in French and intimate contact with French life and customs. In recent years, private rooms and studios have also been available. All housing options will be announced in early April.

Cost of Program for 2015

Tuition   $6200
Fees*   $425
Room and Board**   $950-$1900

* includes one-way train fare from Paris to Avignon, excursions, plays and concerts in Provence

** the actual cost will be announced in early April. Price does not include transatlantic transportation to and from France

Fees are returnable to students who withdraw by April 30. Half of the tuition fee will be refunded to students who withdraw between May 1 and June 1. There can be no refunds after June 1.


Scholarships are available on a limited basis. All scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. To request scholarship application forms email


Students make their own travel arrangements to and from Paris. The Program arranges for a one-way train fare from Paris to Avignon for students who choose to travel as a group. Students traveling with the group should plan to arrive at the Charles de Gaulle Airport on Thursday, June 11, 2015 by 12:00 noon. Additional information will be provided to students as to where to meet our assistant at the airport.