Peter D. Brodfuehrer

Research Interests

Research in my laboratory focuses on elucidating the neuronal basis of behavior using swimming in the medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis, as our model system.

Current projects:

  • Cloning and molecular identification of glutamate receptors
  • Role of nonNMDA receptors in swim maintenance

Localization of gluatmate receptors in segmental ganglia. 

in situ

In situ hybridizatyion using 700nt mRNA probes derived from transmembrane spanning region of nNL2.

Molecular Identification of Glutamate Receptors


Selected Publications

Mullin, OJ, Brodfuehrer, PD, Jusufović, S. Hackett, JH, Friesen WO (2012)  Specialized cephalic regions and sensory inputs that control locomotion in leeches.  J. Comp. Phsiol. A 198:97-108.

Albano, A.M., Brodfuehrer, P.D., Cellucci, C.J., Tigno, X.T., and Rapp, P.E.  (2009) Time Series Analysis, or the Quest for Quantitative Measures of Time Dependent Behavior. Philippine Science Letters, 1:18-30.

Meacham, C.A., Brodfuehrer, P.D., Watkins, J.A., and Shafer, T.J. (2008) Developmentally-regulated sodium channel subunits are differentially sensitive to α-cyano containing pyrethroids. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 231(3);273-281.

Brodfuehrer, P.D., McCormick, K., Garybeal, C., Tapyrik, L., and Albano, A.M. (2008) Initiation of Swimming or Crawling by a Trigger Interneuron in the Medicinal Leech. Invert Neurosci. 8:31-39.

Brodfuehrer, P.D., Tapyrik, L., Convery, M., Zekavat, G., and Pietras, N. (2006) Modification of Behavioral Responsiveness Following Foraging for Artificial Blood in the Medicinal Leech. J. Comp. Physiol. A. 192:817-825.

Albano, A. M., Brodfueher, P. D., Tapyrik, L., and Sundera, S. (2006) Linear and nonlinear properties of prestimulus ventral cord signals distinguish swimming response of the leech to intracellular stimulation. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 16:145-155.

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