Tamara L. Davis



B.A. University of California at San Diego, 1991
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, 1996
Postdoctorate University of Pennsylvania


My research program focuses on understanding the relationship between chromosome structure and gene expression. We are particularly interested in imprinted genes, which are expressed from only one of the two inherited alleles (either the maternal copy or the paternal copy is active, while the other copy is silenced). To gain insight into how this unusual form of expression is achieved, we examine DNA methylation and histone modification patterns at imprinted genes. Our current research includes an analysis of DNA methylation on the complementary strands of secondary differentially methylated regions (DMRs) in the Dlk1/Gtl2 imprinting cluster in order to determine if asymmetric DNA methylation patterns are characteristic of these sites. In addition, we are investigating the distribution of modified histones at regulatory elements associated with the tissue-specific imprinted gene Rasgrf1 to determine if modified histones play a role in regulating imprinted vs. biallelic expression of this gene.

Current members of my research group include:

Julianna Nechin ('18)
Nana Raymond ('19)
Kristian Sumner ('17)
Emma Tunstall ('17)


Kristian Sumner (class of '17), presenting her award-winning poster at the New England Science Symposium in April 2016.

lab photo

We do science! My 2014-2015 research group:

Kristian Sumner (class of '17)

Megan Guntrum (class of '16)

Katia Vlasova (class of '15)

Rachel Shields (class of '15)

Carolyne Face (class of '15)

Nicole Hamagami (class of '16)