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Senior Research
  • Mirna Law, “The Basis of Intergenerational Inheritance of Physiological States Induced by Trauma"
  • Halle Watkin, “Understanding the Structural Basis of HMG-CoA Reductase Cofactor Specificity” 
  • Eri Arai, “Computational and Experimental Studies of the Molecular Basis of Cofactor Specificity in Class II HMG-CoA Reductase”
  • Chloe Thangavelu, “Map Kinase Expression and Function in the Differentiation of Aphid Oocytes”
  • Gemma Johnson, “Characterization of the Pea Aphid Reproductive Polyphenism using RNA-seq and RT-qPCR”
  • Maho Okumura, “Juvenile Hormone and the Evolution of Reproductive Plasticity in Pea Aphids”
  •  Alice Bell, “Identification of the Actinorhodin Precursor that activates SoxR: Protecting S. Coelicolor from Endogenously Produced Antibiotics”
  • Prerana Vaddi, “Estimation of Age of Onset in Presymptomatic Frontotemporal Degeneration”
  • Mahira Tiwana, Sneha Bendapudi, Kara Young and Isha Pandya, “The Role of Synaptotagmin-1 in Axon Morphology in Embryonic Chicken Forebrain In Vitro”
  • Miriam Doepner, “Investigation of HACE1 and SHANK2 as Putative Tumor Suppressors in Neuroblastoma”
  • Taj A. Meyer, "How to Hack the Brain: New Models in Neuroscience"
  • Charlette Williams, "Understanding Non-NMDA Receptor Functionality in H. Verbana through Expression in Xenopus Oocytes"
  • Nicole Hamagami, “Analysis of DNA Methylation on the Complementary Strands of the Imprinted p57 Gene”
  • Megan Guntrum, "DNA Methylation Symmetry Analysis at the IG and Gtl2 Differentially Methylated Regions"
  • Frankie Leech, “Nitrogen Eutrophication alters Tall Spartina alterniflora Carbon Dynamics in North American Atlantic Salt Marshes”
  • Caitlin Bauer, “Effects of Nitrogen Enrichment on Plant Functional Traits and Phenology in Smooth Cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora”
  • Lyntana Brougham, "Carbon Sequestration: The Future of our Marshes under N Enrichment"
  • Tess McCabe,"Foundations Species Loss Emphasizes Effect of Grazers in Ant Community Diversity: A Study in Two Forest Systems"
  • Carly Breen, "Forensic DNA Phenotyping"
  • Lauren Morse, "Exploring the Interactions Between Microbial Communities, Soil Chemistry, and Plant Ecotype in their Effects on the Growth of Grasses in Heavy Metal Soils"

FALL 2015

Senior Research
  • Amanda Cline, “The role of histone methylation in mediating the pseudoagouti response of viable yellow agouti mice to folate rich diets”
  • Shayoni Nag, “Obesity through an epigenetic lens: Looking at methylation of genes associated with adipogenesis”
  • Bara’ Almomani, “CRISPR/Cas9 method as a treatment for Hemophilia A”
  • Jade Bath, “Exploring the mechanisms of g-quadruplexes in oncogene promoters”
  • Mara Dominguez, “Organelle plasticity: Characterizing the mechanism of mitochondrial plasticity in Drosophila
  • Kavita Rajani, “Can resilience strategies remediate the physiological effects of childhood trauma?”
  • Katherine Shulman, “Specificity and mechanism in the predator-induced polyphenism of Daphnia
  • Amy Chen, “The effect of maternal influence on life history plasticity in tiger salamanders”
  • Sherry Jiang, “Variation detection and population structure analysis in Candida glabrata
  • Danielle Nosal, “Generating variation in root plasticity”
  • Amy Wiedenfeld, “The effect of introduced species on native species in Morris Woods”
  • Caroline Fleet, “Ground-dwelling macroinvertebrate biodiversity as a determinant of  forest health in Morris Woods”
  • Nina Heller, “Temperature-dependent sex determination in turtles”
  • Kathy Kimpel, “A gut feeling: The gut microbiome’s effect on tryptophan and the hippocampal serotonergic system”
  • Yanira Santos, “Maternal transmittance and cue reception in the locust phase polyphenism”
  • Ashni Patel, “Global change factors effects on disease risk: The impact of climate on mosquito behavior”
  • Elizabeth Lorenzana, “Plantago lanceolata antimicrobial properties: A proposal to further explore morphological factors”
  • Sneha Soni, “Plantago lanceolata leaf morphology as a bioindicator for anthropogenic pollution”
  • Wenxiao Zhang, “Assessing effectiveness of phage therapy in reversing antibiotic resistance in bacteria”
  • Gertrude Makurumidez, “Dual genes silencing of kinesis spindle protein (KSP) and Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) with siRNA in gastric cancer cells”
  • Amanda Actor, “CRISPRs to treat Huntington’s disease in a Drosophila model”
  • Justine Kim, “Dissecting phenotypes by gene manipulation and epigenetic manipulation in a mouse model of hypodontia”

Spring 2015

Senior Research
  • Emily Maroni, "Physiological Stomatal Responses of Phragmites Australis to Elevated Levels of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen"
  • Rachel Nia Hager, “Influence of Phragmites Australis Invasion on Brackish Marsh Methane Emissions"
  • Fiona Gambanga, “Self-Report and Parent-Report Measures of Adherence among HIV-Positive Adolescents in Botswana: Exploring Association with Treatment Outcomes”
  • Amy Miles, "The Effect of Temperature on Leech Swimming Behavior"   
  • Kaeun Bae, “Understanding How Streptomyces Coelicolor Avoids Destruction from Endogenously-Produced Antibiotics”
  • Ekaterina Vlasova, “Analysis of DNA Methylation Patterns at DMR of Imprinted Gene Gtl2
  • Rachel Shields, "Analysis of DNA Methylation at Locations Upstream of the DMR of the Imprinted Rasgrf1 in Mouse Embryonic Development"
  • Emily Spica, “The Role of Juvenile Hormone in the Reproductive Polyphenism of Pea Aphids"
  • Katrina B. Obieta, "Using RACE to Generate Full-Length cDNAs of Leech Non-NMDA Receptors"
  • Carolyne Face, "Histone Modification as a Potential Regulator of the Tissue-Specific Imprinting of Rasgrf1"
  • Madison Rosen, "Understanding the Structural Basis of Cofactor Specificity in HMG-CoA Reductase (HMGR)"
  • Elaine Schmidt, “Ingenuity or Injury Inducer? An Examination of Running Shoe Biomechanics” 
  • Michelle Dearolf, "Fit as a Fiddle and Ready for Love: Context Dependent Foxp2 Regulation in Adult Male Songbirds"

Fall 2014

 Senior Research
  • Ivana Wang, “Childhood Leukemia: A New Approach”           
  • Catherine Long, “High Cholesterol: Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease Risk”
  • Jennifer Acosta, "Combating Obesity in Poverty: An Alternative Nutritional Labeling System”
  • Sruthi Buddai, “Developing Sustainable Promotora-Based Lifestyle Interventions for Hispanic American Immigrants”
  • Alexandra Francendese, "Salmon Calcitonin & its Effect on Type II Diabetes"
  • Kim Wiley, "Correlation between the Microbiome and Rheumatoid Arthritis"
  • Joanna Kosmaoglou,”The Effects of Comfort Food Intake on the Stress Response”
  • Sabrina Gardner, "The Causes of Colony Collapse Disorder in U.S. Honey Bees"
  • Samantha Saludades, “Temporal Conditions of Glucocorticoid Actions: investigating the relationship between stress and disease susceptibility”
  • Rebecca Reiss, “A New Lens on Overeating”
  • Elise Lee, “Alzheimer’s: Microglia Activation by Stem Cells to discover Novel Treatments”
  • Tahlisa Brougham, "Mechanisms and Interactions of Collective Memory’s      Neurobiological Foundations"
  • Ishani Das, “HIV: Finding a New Treatment”
  • Han Wang, “Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in Commercial Fish Captured from Bohai Bay, China”
  •  Jessica Sisco, “Anxiety in Individuals Born to Obese Mothers: The role of maternal junk food diet in increased risk of anxiety during adulthood”
  • Sofia Oleas, “Can a Virtual Supermarket and Fmri provide Insight into Food Cravings?”
  • Namita Dwarakanath, “Phytoestrogen Consumption and Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance of Breast Cancer Risk in Asian-American Diasporas"
  • Lindsay Burak, "Effectiveness of Programs in Alleviating the Childhood Obesity Epidemic"
  • Hena Cebeci, “A Study of Halal and Tayib Meat and Ritual Slaughter”
  • Genesis Feliz, “The Incidence of Canine Hip Dysplasia relating to the Climate and Breeding Values estimated under BLUP (best linear unbiased prediction)"
  • Sadaf Habib, "Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict: Snow Leopard Depredation"

Spring 2013

Senior Research

  • Muna Aghaalnemer, "The Role of Juvenile Hormone in the Reproductive Polyphenism in Pea Aphids" (Dr. Greg Davis)
  • Taznim Aziz, "Marshes Fall Apart" (Dr. Tom Mozdzer)
  • Anna Brandtjen & Victoria Lopez, "Calcium's Role in Synaptotagmin-1 Mediated Axonal Outgrowth" (Dr. Karen Greif)
  • Sara Fielder, "Histone Modifications of Rasgrf1 in Biallelically Expressing Tissues" (Dr. Tamara Davis
  • Shanina Halbert, "The Fundamentals of Fundulid Activity: Killifish Habitat Use and Population Assemblages in the Louisiana Northern Gulf of Mexico Region"
  • Abby Hochman, "DNA Methylation Dynamics at the Dlk1-DMR" (Dr. Tamara Davis)
  • Rebecca Joseph, "Differential Methylation Upstream of the Mouse Gene Rasgrf1" (Dr. Tamara Davis)
  • Laudita Kuswanto, "Identification of Distinct Genetic Programs that Mediate Cell Cycle Arrest of Apoptosis by the Tumor Suppressor Protein p53" (Dr. Steve McMahon, Thomas Jefferson University)
  • Megan LaBouff, "Knocking Down Developmental Genes in the Pea Aphid: Are Short Interfering RNAs the Answer" (Dr. Greg Davis)
  • Rachel Rivenburg & Jessica Watkins, "Effect of 5-HT5A Receptor Agonist and Antagonist on the Amygdala and Lateral Septum" (Dr. Earl Thomas)
  • Sarah Schnellbacher, " Distribution of Histone Modifications at Rasgrf1 in Monoallelic and Biallelic Tissues" (Dr. Tamara Davis)
  • Celia Tong, "Analysis of DNA Methylation at Dlk1 During Embryonic and Neonatal Development" (Dr. Tamara Davis)
  • Christine Wheaton, "Construction Costs of Native and Introduced Phragmites Australis" (Dr. Tom Mozdzer)

Senior Seminar in Biochemistry (Dr. Monica Chander)

  • Ik Joon (David) Chang, "Myc-Induced Alterations of Cancer Glutamine Metabolism"
  • Nitya Hajela, "Optimization of Hypoxia-activated Prodrugs"
  • Maria Zayas, "Cancer Vaccines"

Senior Seminar in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Dr. Greg Davis)

  • Katherine De La Hoz, "Unicorns of the Sea: The Role of MicroRNAs in the Development of the Tusk of Monodon monoceras"
  • Jillian Galloway, "FLAWED: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, the German Past, and History of Medicine"
  • Hannah Lehman, "Does Methylation at the Igf2 Locus Mediate the Effect of Maternal Malnutrition on Adult Metabolic Disease?"
  • Sadie Mahmoud, "A Case of Evolutionary Loss of Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination"
  • Saba Qadir, "Characterizing the Regulation of High Altitutde Adaptation in Tibetans"
  • Morgan Turner, "Primary Endosymbiosis II: Return of the Plastid"

Spring 2012

Senior Research

  • Lauren McNelly, "The Role of Allele-Specific Histone Modifications in Tissue-Specific Regulation of Genomic Imprinting at Mouse Rasgrf1" (Advisor:  Dr. Tamara Davis)
  • Rebecca Sheplock and Natalie Mackow, "Investigation of the Redox-Active Transcription Factor SoxR in Streptomyces coelicolor" (Advisor:  Dr. Monica Chander)
  • Kayla McDaniel and Jeanette Bates, "Differential Methylation at the Dlk1-DMR in 5 day Post-Partum Mouse Lung and Liver Tissue" (Advisor:  Dr. Tamara Davis)
  • Nima Shrestha and Liz Frontino, "The Investigation of the Terminal Patterning System in Hemipteran Insects using RNAi" (Advisor: Dr. Greg Davis)
  • Claire Weichselbaum and Morgan Currie, "Calcium-Dependence of Synaptotagmin-Mediated Neuronal Branching" (Advisor: Dr. Karen Greif)
  • Carrie Schoonover, "The Effect of a Calcium Ionophore and Channel Blocker on Synaptotagmin-Mediated Filopodial Growth"  (Advisor: Dr. Karen Greif)
  • Emily Levine, "Learning Models to Detect Early Onset Parkinson Disease" (Advisor: Dr. Eric Eaton, Computer Science Department)
  • Rama Kirloskar, "Oscillator Cell or Not?" (Advisor: Dr. Peter Brodfuehrer)

Senior Seminar in Molecular Genetics (Dr. Tamara Davis)

  • Carolyn Cai, "How Expression of Gtl2 Isoforms Regulate Dlk1 Expression"
  • Lauren McDonough, "Ftx, a Long Non-coding RNA, in an Activator of Xist, Functioning in the Molecular Pathway of X Inactivation in XX Female Mammals"
  • Saba Ashraf, "The Role of COLDAIR in the Flowering Locus C (FLC)-Mediated Vernalization Response in Arabidopsis"
  • Nicole Lantz, "Determining the Role of LincRNA-p21 and hnRNP-k in p53-Dependent Transcriptional Control of Noxa and Stat3"

Advanced Evolution (Dr. Stephen Gardiner)

  • Aliza Resnick, "Pax-6 and the Evolutionary Origin of Eyes in Metazoans"


Fall 2011

Senior Seminar in Morphology (Dr. Stephen Gardiner)

  • Elizabeth Olecki: "Morphological Phylogenetic Study of Polychaetes"
  • Natalie Chrismer: "Analysis of Relationships between Certain Polychaetes"
  • Laura Needham: "Morphological Analysis of Certain Polychaete Taxa"

Senior Seminar in Science & Society (Dr. Mike Sears)

  • Diana Vergara "Sustainable Food Systems"
  • Grace Loudon, "Influence of the Composition of Hormone Deficient Infant Milk on Obesity through an Evolutionary Lens"
  • Ilana Tidus, "Effects of Various Pollutants on the Increase in Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders Worldwide"
  • Urvi Mittal, "Providing Family Planning Centers in India"
  • Bing Zhang, "A Study of Breast Cancer and Ethnicity"
  • Emma Condy, "A Comparative Approach to Face-Scanning as an Indicator of Social Relatedness"
  • Hanna Lee, "The Adolescent Brain, In Search of Answers"
  • Emily Takeuchi Miller, "Effects of Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Treating Tendon Injuries"


Spring 2011

Senior Research

  • Camille Petre and Anne George-Hallgren, "Glutamate Receptor 2/3 Immunoreactivity in the Central Nervous System of the Leech" (Advisor:  Dr. Peter Brodfuehrer)
  • Bailey Baumann, "Isolation and Amplification of AMPA Receptor Subunit in
    Hirudo medicinalis" (Advisor:  Dr. Peter Brodfuehrer)
  • Sandra Gandarez and Nikitha Ashok, "The Effects of Calcium Channel Blocking on the Growth of Filopodia" (Advisor:  Dr. Karen Greif)
  • Alyssa Gagne and Emily Bergbower, "Acquisition of Differential DNA Methylation at the Gtl2-Dlk1 Locus in Mouse Embryonic and Placental Tissues"
  • Sadie Marlow, "An Investigation of Histone Modifications at Rasgrf1 in Mouse" (Advisor: Dr. Tamara Davis)
  • Emma Hedman, "Investigating the Role of Juvenile Hormone in the Reproductive
    Polyphenism of the Pea Aphid"  (Advisor: Dr. Greg Davis)
  • Joanna Barkas and Amelie Raz, "Differential Gene Expression within the
    Patterning Systems of Sexual vs. Asexual Pea Aphids" (Advisor: Dr. Greg Davis)
  • Fatima Quadri, "Changes in Lateral Septal Activity Following Infusion of a Serotonin
    Autoreceptor Antagonist into the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus" (Advisor: Dr. Earl Thomas, Psychology)
  • Riki Gifford-Ferguson and Clara Wang, "Adjoining Mutations in Glucokinase: So Close, Yet So Far"

Senior Seminar in Biochemical Mechanisms of Disease Progression (Dr.Wilent)

  • Nelly Khaselev, "The Biochemical and Immunological Pathology of Henoch – Schönlein
  • Emily Ledford, "Resisting Resistance: Targeting Virulence Factors of
    Staphylococcus aureus"
  • Kelsey Lynch, "Determining the Role of Drug Efflux in Multidrug Resistant

Praxis III

Fall 2010

Senior Seminar in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Dr. Gregory Davis)

  • Erin Miller, “Thermoregulation in Ichthyosaurs”
  • Madi Houff, "The role of the genes Pax6 and Rx in the development of the eye
  • of Xenopus laevis"
  • Joo Park, “Regulation of lifespan by something other than food."
  • Amelie Raz, “The Role of Juvenile Hormone in the Evolutionary Loss of Sexual
  • Plasticity in Aphids”     
  • Kristen Magnusen, “Short-term Evolutionary Responses to Endocrine Disruptors”
  • Madison Schaeffer, “The Parallel Evolution of Herding Behavior in Sheepdogs”

Senior Seminar in Science in Society (Dr. Paul Grobstein)

  • Riki Gifford-Ferguson, “The Human Genome Project and Determining Who We Are”
  • Anne Dowton, “The Vaccination Debate: A Case Study in Scientific Communication”
  • Hope Fillingim, “A History of People, Whales, and Complex Interactions”
  • Dakota Fisher-Vance, “The Science of Science Education”
  • Leah Bonnell, “The Commercialization of Clinical Research: An Examination
  • of Resulting Ethical Issues”
  • Crystal Leonard, “Scientific miscommunication: an examination of the divide
  •  between the scientific community and the public”
  • Moira Hodges, “Redefining Mental Health”
  • Sarah Maley, “Medical Information and the Internet”
  • Kendra Norrell, “Destruction by an Iconic Symbol: The Harms of Vehicle Exhaust”
  • Naa Kwarley Quartey, “Science in Society: exploring the power of science to shape legal policy using abortion as an example”
  • Colette Young, “Lessons from the History of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual”

Spring 2010

Senior Seminar in Evolutionary Biology (Dr. Stephen Gardiner)

Senior Research

  • Sasha DeWitt, The Lateral Septum's Role in Anxiolysis (Advisor: Dr. Earl Thomas, Psychology)
  • Claire Ceriani, The Language Spiral: How Society Evolved Language (Advisor: Dr. Paul Grobstein)
  • Elizabeth Ver Hoeve, Re-Thinking the Role of Cell 208 in the Leech Oscillatory Swim Network (Advisor: Dr. Peter Brodfuehrer)
  • Isabelle Winer, Isolation and Amplification of the Leech GluR2 subunit of the AMPA receptor (Advisor: Dr. Peter Brodfuehrer)
  • Caitlin Jeschke, Eileen Downs, Nafisa Misawa and Hillary Cleveland, Reproductive Polyphenism in the Pea Aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum (Advisor: Dr. Gregory Davis)
  • Evan Raskin, Differential effects of climate change on lizard activity time in varying topographic environments (Advisor: Dr. Michael Sears)
  • Jane Morris, Histone Modifications as Imprinting Control at Rasgrf1 in Neonatal Tissue
  • Mahvish Qureshi, Analysis of the Methylation Pattern on Complementary DNA strands at exon 5 of Mouse Dlk1 Gene
  • Rica Ann Sablan Dela Cruz, Penumetcha,Sahitya Penumetcha, and Yang Gao, Understand the Function of SoxR in Streptomyces coelicolor

Fall 2009

Senior Seminar in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Dr. Gregory Davis)

  • Anisha Chirmule, The Development of Mammalian Molars
  • Michelle Crepeau, A Role for Embryonic Turtle β-globin Gene Orthology
    in the Evolution of Endothermy in the Theropod-Bird Lineage
  • Kate Sheridan, Preparing for takeoff: helical growth as a step towards flight in feather evolution
  • Kathy Dilliplane, Sticking Your Neck Out: A Developmental Basis for Variation in Cervical Vertebrae Number in Birds
  • Lisa Lamprou, A Genetic Basis for Variance in Vertebrate Vocalization
  • Andrea Caruana, Are changes in FOXP2 protein responsible for the evolutionary loss of GRIK1 expression in the human brain?

Senior Seminar in Science in Society (Dr. Paul Grobstein)

  • Julia Lewis, Parsing Cancer Metaphors
  • Rachel Brady, Deconstructing the Dichotomy in Biological Sex
  • Trihn Truong, The Effects of Human-Induced Ecological Changes On Infectious Diseases
  • Julianne Rieders, Pandemics and Prevention
  • Lias Betz, Marketing Breast Cancer in Corporate America: Health Activism and Commercialism
  • Anna Dela Cruz, Brain=Perception: Research Implications

Spring 2009

Senior Seminar in Biochemistry (Dr. Monica Chander)

  • Katie Weng, Optimizing antibiotic production in Streptomyces coelicolor and exploring the mechanism of the development of antibiotic resistance
  • Christina Harview, Exploring the effect of exogenous paraoxonase addition to Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonies in vitro and in vivo

Senior Seminar in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Dr. Greg Davis)

  • Jeam Chung, The Symbiotic Relationship of V. fischeri and E. scolopes-A focus on the Initiation Stage
  • Benjamin Pyenson, The Evolution of Genetic Sex Determination in Turtles
  • Rina Mehta, The Origin and Ontogenesis of Male Dimorphic Vocalization in the Midshipman Fish
  • Madina Ghazanfar, The Role of Ultraconserved Genes in Placental Mammals
  • Caroline Feldman, Tandem Repeats and the Evolution of Craniofacial Morphology in Dogs
  • Jenn Wong, Regenerating Vestigial Organs: The evolutionary effects of sonic hedgehog gene expression on the blind cavefish
  • Megan Gallagher, The Novel Anableps Eye

Senior Seminar in Molecular Genetics (Dr. Tamara Davis)

  • Katie Kent, Investigating the Importance of Location for the Expression of Air and its Non-coding RNA Function
  • Francesca Marangell, Imprinted X-inactivation: A Comparison between Marsupials and Eutherians
  • Andrea, R. Zambetti, Investigation of Epigenetic Alterations in Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes through S-Adenosyl Methionine Supplementation
  • Sarah Allard, Nutritional and Environmental Influences on the Epigenome: The Dose-Dependent Effects of Bisphenol A
  • Kristen, Jusewicz-Haidle, Sub-fertile Males: A Cautionary Tale
  • Alexa Yim, Dnmt3L Protein and the Role of its Sex-Specific Transcripts
  • Molly Pieri, Artificially Induced Monoallelic Expression of the GABRB3 Gene in Mice: Implications for Autism
  • Lauren Poon, A highly conserved activator sequence influences Prader-Willi Syndrome, imprinted genes
  • Penn Trong, Mest expression in hypothalamus of mice may play a role in maternal behavior
  • Heather Fetting, The role of polycomb proteins in tissue-specific imprinting of Grb10

Senior Research

  • Nicolette Belletier, The Reproductive Polyphenism in Acyrthosiphon pisum: Patterning of the Sexual and Asexual Oocytes  (Advisor - Dr. Greg Davis)
  • Rebecca Pisciotta, Understanding Free Will: How our model of the universe informs our conception of human free will (Advisor - Dr. Paul Grobstein)
  • Shikha Prashad, Object Detection & Tracking Using Neural Networks (Advisors Drs. Paul Grobstein and Doug Blank (Computer Science))
  • Nana Asabere, Synaptotagmin-1's Role in Neurite Outgrowth and Patterning (Advisor - Dr. Karen Greif)
  • Dominique McKeever & Sarah Powers, Persistent Excitation in the Leech (Advisor - Dr. Peter Brodfuehrer)
  • Eva Bastianon, The organization of the duo-gland feeding system in the palps of Magelona (Polychaeta) (Advisor - Dr. Stephen Gardiner)

Student Research - Summer 2008