Volume 10, No. 2

(Fall 2013)

The Bryn Mawr Review of Comparative Literature is an on-line journal whose purpose is to make available in a timely fashion reviews of new books in the field. It is modeled on its sister journal, the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, which has been highly successful in circulating reviews soon after publication. The editors hope to reflect the evolving, dynamic nature of Comparative Literature in the range of books covered, from studies of national literatures to theoretical, interdisciplinary and cultural inquiries. Subscriptions are free of charge. To subscribe, please go to and follow the link to "subscription page." Scroll through the list to find/click on "complitr"; enter your email address and create a password. As each issue is published, we will announce it by e-mail, with table of contents.

Current Issue

Editors: Carol L. Bernstein, Vincent Hausmann, Azade Seyhan
Advisory Board: 
Elizabeth Allen
Richard Hamilton
Maud McInerney
Nicholas Radel

Simona Sawhney
Bethany Schneider
David Sedley
Dorian Stuber
Technical Advisors: Jeff Cohen, Susan Dunnavant, Mary Leonard

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