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The Basics of Entrepreneurship

Bryn Mawr College
October TBD, 2013

Pre-session Preparation


Students should be placed in one of the following three groups to try and evaluate the following three business ventures prior to the session:

1. Brilliance on a Blog: Sasha, currently a second-year MBA student, wants to create a high-growth internet business that she hopes will sell to an entity such as Google.  She currently maintains a blog providing advice on hyper-local market trends that she wants to convert to a money-making enterprise.

2. Maria is currently working for a consulting company and has a child with severe food allergies. She wants to create a company that will provide social impact in addition to profits. She wants to use her business experience to develop a software solution directed at the education market to raise awareness of the dangers of food allergies and provide solutions to educators and parents.

3. My Cookie Company: Barbara has been running her gourmet cookie company out of her home and now wants to expand into a commercial facility. She has a proprietary recipe for the design of these cookies that enables her to market to sports teams and other brand-focused organizations.


Students should come prepared to discuss their thoughts on the following:

  • What is the Problem that the entrepreneur is addressing?
  • What Solution would they be providing?
  • Is there a large Market Opportunity?
  • How might they develop a Business Model?
  • Are there already Competitors in the market?