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Bryn Mawr College

Certificate in Finance Course

March 5-9, 2012

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A Bryn Mawr education cultivates an intellectual flexibility that is valued by employers, particularly in a world driven by increased globalization and fast-moving technological breakthroughs. Intentionally broad, it prepares you to research, assess and synthesize many kinds of information from many multiple perspectives.

As a Bryn Mawr student, you are constantly challenged to connect the dots: to look a bit harder, to think more deeply, and to turn isolated observations and knowledge into a greater, infinitely more rewarding whole.

The Bryn Mawr College Certificate in Finance is a week-long course of study
designed to expose you to the world of capital structure, risk, financial instruments, stocks, bonds and investing.

The curriculum includes:

  • Classes in the principles of finance, including: stocks, bonds, capital markets, hedge funds and investment strategy
  • Analysis of case studies led by Wharton School faculty
  • Communication and networking skill-building

Workshops led by Bryn Mawr alumnae and other financial management professionals will give you a glimpse into what to expect when it is time to meet  with your investors, take your seat in the boardroom, or map out your future on Wall Street.

The Bryn Mawr Certificate of Finance is Sponsored by The Bryn Mawr College Treasurer's Office