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Gender and Sexuality

Students may complete a minor or concentration in the study of gender and sexuality. Students may submit an application to major in gender and sexuality through the independent major program.


Anne Dalke
Debora Sherman, at Haverford College

The Bi-College Program in Gender and Sexuality is committed to the interdisciplinary study of a range of different questions raised by the category of gender. The program includes courses that interrogate experiences which call attention to matters of gender difference, gender roles, gender socialization and gender bias, considered historically, materially and cross-culturally, and courses that engage sexual difference, sexual roles, sexual socialization and sexual bias.

Students choosing a concentration or minor in gender and sexuality plan their programs in consultation with the program coordinator on their home campus and members of the steering committee. Courses in the program draw upon and speak to feminist theory and women’s studies; transnational and third-world feminisms; womanist theory and the experiences of women of color; the construction of masculinity; gay, lesbian, queer, transgender and transsexual studies; and gender as it is inflected by race, class, religion and nationality.

Minor and Concentration Requirements

Six courses distributed as follows are required for the concentration:

  1. An introductory course (including equivalent offerings at Swarthmore College or the University of Pennsylvania).
  2. The junior seminar: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sex and Gender (taught in alternate years at Bryn Mawr and Haverford).
  3. Four additional approved courses from at least two different departments, two of which are normally at the 300 level. Units of Independent Study (480) may be used to fulfill this requirement.
  4. Of the six courses, no fewer than two and no more than three will also form part of the student’s major.

Requirements for the minor are identical to those for the concentration, with the stipulation that no courses in gender and sexuality will overlap with courses taken to fulfill requirements in the student’s major.

Neither a senior seminar nor a senior thesis is required for the concentration or minor; however, with the permission of the major department, a student may choose to count toward the concentration a senior thesis with significant content in gender and sexuality. Students wishing to construct an independent major in gender and sexuality will have to make a proposal to the Committee on Independent Majors.

Courses in the Program in Gender and Sexuality change from year to year. Students are advised to check the course guide at the beginning of each semester.

Courses in gender and sexuality currently offered at Bryn Mawr:

ARTD B240 Dance History I: Roots of Western Theater Dance
BIOL B222 Psychobiology of Sexual Differences
CITY B205 Social Inequality
ENGL B210 Performances of Gender
ENGL B263 Toni Morrison and the Art of Narrative Conjure
ENGL B317 Exhibition and Inhibition
FREN B201 Le Chevalier, la dame, le prêtre
GERM B321 Picturing Gender in German Cinema
GNST B290 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sex and Gender
HART B108 Women, Feminism and History of Art
HART B317 Exhibiton and Inhibition
HART B348 Picturing Gender in German Cinema
HIST B303 Topics in American History
HIST B335 “Nifty Fifties”
PHIL B221 Ethics
PHIL B252 Feminist Theory
POLS B374 Gender and Power in Comparative Context
PSYCH B323 Psychobiology of Sexual Differences
SOCL B201 The Study of Gender in Society
SOCL B205 Social Inequality
SOCL B350 Movements for Social Justice
SPAN B265 Escritoras espanolas
SPAN B309 La mujer en la lit Siglo Oro
SPAN B329 Brown Affect: Narrating Latina/Latino Lives

Courses in gender and sexuality currently offered at Haverford:

ANTH H345 Love and the Market: Anthropological Explorations in Gender, Economy, and Morality
ECON H100 The Economics of Public Policy
ENGL H254 Victorian Sexualities
ENGL H301 Sex and Gender in the Middle Ages
ENGL H363 John Brown’s Body: Violence, National Fantasy and Bodies That Matter
HIST H354 Libertinage and Modernity
PHIL H106 The Philosophy of Consciousness and the Problem of Embodiment
PHIL H258 Philosophy of the Body
PHIL H332 Foucault on Sex and Power
PHIL H356 Feminist Epistemology
POLS H123 American Politics: Difference and Discrimination
POLS H229 Latino Politics in the United States
POLS H263 Women and Politics
RELG H221 Women and Gender in Early Christianity
RELG H301 Images of Mary Magdalene


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