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Hebrew and Judaic Studies


Amiram Amitai, Lecturer
Deborah Harrold, Lecturer
Tamara Neuman, Visiting Assistant Professor

Hebrew language instruction is available at Bryn Mawr on the elementary level. At Haverford, Judaic Studies courses are offered by the department of religion. Bryn Mawr also offers several courses which complement Haverford's offerings in Judaic Studies. All of these courses are listed in the Tri-Co Course Guide under the heading "Hebrew and Judaic Studies."

HEBR B001, B002 Elementary Hebrew

This course prepares students for reading classical religious texts as well as modern literary work. It covers grammar, composition and conversation with primary emphasis on fluency in reading as well as the development of basic conversational skills. This is a year-long course. (Amitai)

HEBR B101, B102 Critical readings in the Book of Genesis

Critical reading in the book of Genesis with an emphasis on discussions related to modern commentaries. Writings of compositions on modern topics are emphasized, as well as fluent conversation in the Hebrew language. This is a year-long course. (Amitai, Division III) Not offered in 2006-07.

HEBR B211 Primo Levi, the Holocaust and Its Aftermath

(Patruno, Division III; cross-listed as COML B211 and ITAL B211) Not offered in 2006-07.

HEBR B233 Israel and the Palestinians

(Harrold, Division I; cross-listed as HIST B290 and POLS B233) Not offered in 2006-07.

HEBR B248 Modern Middle East Cities

(Harrold, Division I; cross-listed as CITY B248 and POLS B248) Not offered in 2006-07.

HEBR B261 Palestine and Israeli Society: Cultural and Historical Perspectives

(Neuman; cross-listed as ANTH B261, GNST B261 and HIST B261)

HEBR B283 Introduction to the Politics of the Modern Middle East and North Africa

(Harrold, Division I; cross-listed as HIST B283 and POLS B283)

HEBR B320 Topics in German Literature and Culture: No Place Like Home: Nostalgia

(Schlipphacke, Division III; cross-listed as COML B320, GERM B320 and HART B320)

HEBR B342 Middle Eastern Diasporas

(Neuman; cross-listed as ANTH B342 and GNST B342)

HEBR B380 Topics in Contemporary Art

(Saltzman, Division III; cross-listed as GERM B380 and HART B380) Not offered in 2006-07.

HEBR B403 Supervised Work


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