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Neural and Behavioral Sciences

Students may complete a concentration in Neural and Behavioral Sciences within the majors of biology and psychology.


Wendy F. Sternberg, at Haverford College

Advisory Committee

Douglas Blank
Peter D. Brodfuehrer, Concentration Adviser for Biology
Kimberly Wright Cassidy
Rebecca Compton, Concentration Adviser for Psychology at Haverford College
Karen F. Greif
Paul Grobstein
Deepak Kumar
Andrea Morris
Leslie Rescorla
Anjali Thapar
Earl Thomas, Concentration Adviser for Psychology

The desire to understand human and animal behavior in terms of nervous system structure and function is long standing. Historically, this task has been approached from a variety of disciplines including medicine, biology, psychology and physiology. The field of neuroscience emerged as an interdisciplinary approach, combining techniques and perspectives from these disciplines to yield new insights into the workings of the nervous system and behavior.

The concentration in the neural and behavioral sciences is designed to allow students to pursue their interests in behavior and the nervous system across disciplines. The concentration is offered by the Departments of Biology and Psychology at Bryn Mawr and the Departments of Biology and Psychology at Haverford College . Students undertaking the concentration must major in one of these four departments.

The concentration consists of two components. Students must satisfy the requirements of the department in which they major, with appropriate modifications related to the concentration (consult departmental advisers listed above). For the concentration itself, students must take a series of courses that represent the background in the neural and behavioral sciences and other sciences common to all approaches to the nervous system and behavior. All students, regardless of major, must fulfill the requirements of the core program.

Concentration Requirements

  1. Introductory-level work, with lab, outside the major (at least one semester) in psychology and biology.
  2. Core course in neural and behavioral sciences. One of the following three: Neurobiology and Behavior (BIOL 202 at Bryn Mawr), Behavioral Neuroscience (PSYC 218 at Bryn Mawr) or Biological Psychology (PSYC 217 at Haverford) Requirements 1 and 2 must be completed before the senior year.
  3. Two courses in neural and behavioral sciences outside the major (from the list below or approved by the student's major department).
  4. One additional course in neural and behavioral sciences from any participating department.
  5. Two semesters of senior research (BIOL 401, PSYC 401 at Bryn Mawr).
  6. Senior Seminar for concentrators (BIOL 396, PSYC 396 at Bryn Mawr).

Biology at Bryn Mawr

BIOL B202 Neurobiology and Behavior
BIOL B250 Computational Models in the Sciences
BIOL B271 Developmental Biology
BIOL B303 Animal Physiology
BIOL B304 Cell and Molecular Neurobiology
BIOL B313/B314 Integrative Organismal Biology I and II
BIOL B321 Neuroethology
BIOL B326 From Channels to Behavior
BIOL B361 Emergence
BIOL B364 Developmental Neurobiology

Computer Science at Bryn Mawr

CMSC B120 Visualizing Information
CMSC B250 Computational Models in the Sciences
CMSC B325 Computational Linguistics
CMSC B361 Emergence
CMSC B371 Cognitive Science
CMSC B372 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CMSC B376 Androids: Design & Practice
CMSC B380 Recent Advances in Computer Science

Psychology at Bryn Mawr

PSYC B212 Human Cognition
PSYC B218 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC B333 Cognitive Neuroscience: Psychobiology of Sex Differences
PSYC B350 Developmental Cognitive Disorders
PSYC B351 Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC B395 Psychopharmacology
PSYC B397 Laboratory Methods in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences

Biology at Haverford

BIOL H187 Computing Across the Sciences
BIOL H306 Inter and Intra Cellular Communication (half-semester course)
BIOL H312 Development and Evolution (half-semester course)
BIOL H309 Molecular Neurobiology (half-semester course)
BIOL H330 Laboratory in NBS: Molecular Development (half-semester course)
BIOL H350 Pattern Formation in the Nervous System (half-semester course)

Psychology at Haverford

PSYC H217 Biological Psychology
PSYC H240 Psychology of Pain and Pain Inhibition
PSYC H260 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC H250 Biopsychology of Emotion and Personality
PSYC H330 Laboratory in NBS: Behavioral Neuroscience (half-semester course)

Note: Two half-semester courses equal one full-semester course



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