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Peace and Conflict Studies
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Romance Languages



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The Board Of Trustees Of Bryn Mawr College

Sally Hoover Zeckhauser, '64, Chairman
Betsy Zubrow Cohen '63, Vice Chairman
Linda A. Hill '77, Vice Chairman
David W. Oxtoby, Vice Chairman
Catherine Allegra '84, Secretary


Catherine Allegra '84
Cynthia A. Archer '75
Bridget B. Baird '69
Susan Kelly Barnes '76
Frederick C. Baumert
Betsy Zubrow Cohen '63
Lucy Norman Friedman '65
Donald N. Gellert
Arlene Joy Gibson '65
Guy M. Hedreen, M.A. '83, Ph.D. '88
Linda A. Hill '77
Denise Lee Hurley '82
Karen Kerr '89
Malcolm S. Macdonald
Susan L. MacLaurin '84
Roger B. McNamee
Margaret M. Morrow '71
David W. Oxtoby
William E. Rankin
Barbara Paul Robinson '62
Willa E. Seldon '82
Jewel T. Sideman, M.A. '63, Ph.D. '65
Janet L. Steinmayer '77
Vicki L. Weber '79
Sally Hoover Zeckhauser '64

Trustees Emeriti

Barbara Goldman Aaron '53
Charles J. Cooper, Ph.D. '67
Barbara C. M. Dudley '42
Anthony T. Enders
Nancy Greenewalt Frederick '50
Hanna Holborn Gray '50
Jacqueline Koldin Levine '46
Ruth Kaiser Nelson '58
Dolores G. Norton, M.S.S. '60, Ph.D. '69
R. Anderson Pew
John S. Price
Martha Stokes Price '47
Sally Shoemaker Robinson '53
Rosalyn Ravitch Schwartz '44
Edmund B. Spaeth, Jr.
Susan Savage Speers '51
Barbara Bradfield Taft, Ph.D. '42
Barbara Janney Trimble '60
Betsy Havens Watkins '61
James Wood

Special Representatives to the Board

Lois Miller Collier '50
Drew Gilpin Faust '68
Cheryl R. Holland '80
Beverly J. Lange '67
Barry L. Zubrow, Chair, Board of Managers, Haverford College

Special Representative Emeritus

Doreen Canaday Spitzer '36

Ex Officio

Nancy J. Vickers, President of the College
Mary Berg Hollinshead '69, Ph.D. '79, President of the Alumnae Association

Officers of the Corporation

Sally Hoover Zeckhauser, Chairman
Betsy Zubrow Cohen, Vice Chairman
Linda A. Hill, Vice Chairman
David W. Oxtoby, Vice Chairman
Catherine Allegra, Secretary
Nancy J. Vickers, President of the College
Jerry A. Berenson, Chief Administrative Officer
Joseph Bucci, Director of Human Resources
Marcus M. Diamond, Secretary of the College
John Griffith, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Kimberly Wright Cassidy, Provost of the College
Samuel B. Magdovitz, College Counsel
Maria Colella Wiemken, Comptroller

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