2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog

2008-2009 Catalog

Departure From the College Prior to Graduation

Every student who leaves Bryn Mawr prior to graduation should see her dean and complete a Notice of Departure.

Personal Leaves of Absence

Any student in good academic standing may apply for a one- or two-semester leave of absence from the College. She should discuss her plans with her dean and fill out a Notice of Departure by June 1 or, for a leave beginning in the spring, by November 1. During her leave of absence, she is encouraged to remain in touch with her dean and is expected to confirm her intention to return to the College by March 1 (for return in the fall) or November 1 (for return in the spring). Reinstatement is always contingent upon the availability of space in the residence halls.

A student on a semester-long leave of absence who chooses not to return at the scheduled time may ask to extend her leave by one additional semester by notifying her dean by the above deadlines. If a student on a leave of absence chooses not to return to the College after two semesters, her status changes to “withdrawn”(see “Voluntary Withdrawal” below).

Medical Leaves of Absence

A student may, on the recommendation of the College physician or her own doctor, at any time request a medical leave of absence for reasons of health. The College reserves the right to require a student to take a leave of absence for reasons of health if, in the judgment of the medical director, she is not in sufficiently good health to meet her academic commitments or to continue in residence at the College. Permission to return from a medical leave is granted when the College’s Health Center receives satisfactory evidence of recovery (see below, “Readmission following a Psychological or Medical Leave of Absence”).

Psychological Leaves of Absence

Occasionally a student experiences psychological difficulties that interfere with her ability to function at college. Taking time away from college to pursue therapy may be necessary. The College sees this choice as restorative, not punitive. With evidence of improvement in health, Bryn Mawr welcomes the student’s return. The College believes that time away for psychological reasons should, in most cases, be for an entire academic year to allow sufficient time for growth, reflection and meaningful therapy. Students who hurry back prematurely tend to risk a second failure. Therefore, leaves of absence for psychological reasons are granted for a period of one year except in unusual situations (see below, “Readmission following a Psychological or Medical Leave of Absence”).

Readmission following a Psychological or Medical Leave of Absence

When a student is ready to apply to return following a psychological or medical leave of absence, she must apply for readmission. She should contact her dean and request an application for readmission from the Admissions Office. In addition, her readmission also requires the approval of Bryn Mawr’s medical director or the appropriate member of the College’s counseling staff. The student should ask the physician or counselor with whom she has worked while on leave to contact the appropriate person at the College’s Health Center. Students who want to return in September must submit all readmission materials by June 1. Those who want to return in January must submit all readmission materials by November 1.

Voluntary Withdrawals

A student in good standing who leaves the College in the following circumstances will be categorized as “withdrawn”rather than on leave and will need to apply for readmission (see below, “Readmission After Withdrawal”):

•     if she leaves the college in mid-semester (unless she qualifies instead for a medical or psychological leave of absence),

•     if she matriculates as a degree candidate at another school,

•     if her leave of absence has expired, or

•     if she loses her good standing after having applied for a leave of absence.

Required Withdrawals

Any student may be required to withdraw from the College because she fails to meet the academic standards of the College (page 30, Committee on Academic Standing), because of an infraction of the Honor Code or other community norm (page 10, “The Honor Code”), or because she is not healthy enough to meet her academic commitments (see above).

In addition, any student whose behavior disrupts either the normal conduct of academic affairs or the conduct of life in the residence halls may be required to withdraw by the Dean of the Undergraduate College. If the student wishes to appeal the decision, a committee consisting of three faculty members from the Committee on Academic Standing, the president of the Self Government Association and the head of the Honor Board hears the student and the dean. The committee makes its recommendations to the president of the College; the president’s decision is binding. In cases of required withdrawal, no fees are refunded.

Readmission After Withdrawal

Students who withdraw, whether by choice or as a result of the above procedures, must apply for readmission if they wish to return. Students who wish to return from withdrawal should request an application for readmission from their dean. Students must submit their readmission application and all supporting documents no later than June 1 (for return in the fall) or November 1 (for return in the spring).

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