2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog

2008-2009 Catalog

Grading and Academic Records

Grading and Academic Record

Grading Scale   Letter Grade      Explanation
      4.0                    A                MERIT 
      3.7                    A-               Merit grades range from 4.0 (outstanding)
      3.3                    B+              to 2.0 (satisfactory).
      3.0                    B                Courses in which students earn merit
      2.7                    B-               grades can be used to satisfy the major
      2.3                    C+              and curricular requirements.
2.0                    C

1.7                    C-
1.3                    D+              PASSING
1.0                    D

   0.0                    F                FAILING

Once reported to the registrar, a grade may be altered by the faculty member who originally submitted the grade, or by the department or program chair on behalf of the absent faculty member, by submitting a change-of-grade form with a notation of the reason for the change. Once reported to the registrar, no grade may be changed after one year except by vote of the faculty.

The Merit Rule requires that a student attain grades of 2.0 or higher in at least one-half of the total number of courses taken while at Bryn Mawr. She may be excluded from the College at the close of any semester in which she has failed to meet this requirement and is automatically excluded if more than one-half of her work falls below 2.0 at the close of her junior year. A student who is excluded from the College is not eligible for readmission.

The Standard of Work in the Major requires that every student working for an A.B. degree maintain grades of 2.0 or higher in all courses in her major subject. No student may choose as her major subject one in which she has received a grade below 1.0 or one in which her average is below 2.0.

A student receiving a grade below 2.0 in any course in her major subject (including a course taken at another institution) is reported to the Committee on Academic Standing and may be required to change her major.

At the end of the junior year, a student having a major subject average below 2.0 must change her major. If she has no alternative major, she is excluded from the College and is not eligible for readmission.

The Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) reviews the records of all students whose work has failed to meet the academic standards of the College. A student’s record is brought to the attention of the CAS when she has incurred a failure or NC following a previous failure or NC, or when her work has failed to meet either the general standards embodied in the Merit Rule or the Standard of Work in the Major. The CAS also reviews the record of any student whose work has seriously deteriorated.

A student whose record is brought before the CAS receives an official report from the Committee which specifies the standards she must meet by the end of the following semester or before returning to the College. The student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) receive a copy of this letter. The student also receives a letter from her dean. A student whose record has been reviewed by the committee is put on probation the following semester, or the semester of her return if she has been asked to withdraw. She will be required to meet regularly with her dean during her probation. Faculty members are requested to submit mid-semester reports for students whose work has been unsatisfactory. Students who meet the standards specified by the committee during the semester on probation are then no longer on probation.

Any student whose record is reviewed by the CAS may be required to withdraw from the College and present evidence that she can do satisfactory work before being readmitted. The CAS may also recommend to the president that the student be excluded from the College. An excluded student is not eligible for readmission to the College.

Cumulative Grade Point Averages

In calculating cumulative grade-point averages, grades behind CR, NC or NNG are not included. Summer school grades from Bryn Mawr earned on this campus are included, as are summer school grades earned from the Bryn Mawr programs at Avignon and Pisa. No other summer school grades are included. Term-time grades from Haverford College, Swarthmore College and the University of Pennsylvania earned on the exchange are included. Term-time grades transferred from other institutions are not included.

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