2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog

2008-2009 Catalog

Credit for Work Done Elsewhere

All requests for transfer credit must be approved by the Transfer Credit Committee. Credit may be transferred for liberal-arts courses taken at accredited four-year colleges and universities, provided that the student earns grades of 2.0 or C (C- grades are not acceptable for transfer credit) or better in these courses. Credit will not be transferred for a course taken by correspondence or distance learning, even if it is sponsored by an accredited four-year institution. Work done at approved foreign institutions is also accepted for transfer credit; in cases where numerical or letter grades are not given, the Transfer Credit Committee considers written evaluations of the student’s work to determine whether she has earned the equivalent of at least 2.0 grades for this work. Grades earned in courses accepted for transfer credit are not included in the grade point average.

A student wishing transfer credit must submit an official transcript to the registrar. A student who wishes to meet College requirements (such as the College Seminar, quantitative or divisional requirements) with courses taken elsewhere must obtain approval from her dean or the registrar. In some cases, the student may be asked to obtain the approval of the appropriate department. Note that the foreign language requirement cannot generally be satisfied via transfer credit.

One unit of credit at Bryn Mawr is equivalent to four credits (or four “semester hours”) at most schools on the semester system. One unit of credit at Bryn Mawr is also equivalent to six credits (or six “quarter hours”) at most schools on the quarter system. Students taking a semester or year of coursework away from Bryn Mawr must take the normal full-time course load at the institution they are attending in order to receive a semester (four units) or a year (eight units) of transfer credit. Usually 15 or 16 semester hours, or between 22 and 24 quarter hours, are the equivalent of four units at Bryn Mawr; between 30 and 32 semester hours, or 45 and 48 quarter hours, are the equivalent of eight units at Bryn Mawr. Students who complete less than a full-time program with grades of at least 2.0 or C receive proportionally less transfer credit.

A student who wishes to spend a semester or a year away from Bryn Mawr as a full-time student at another institution in the United States should have the institution and her program approved in advance by her dean, major adviser and other appropriate departments. A student who plans foreign study needs the approval of the Foreign Study Committee in addition to that of her dean, major adviser and other appropriate departments.

Students who transfer to Bryn Mawr from another institution may transfer a total of eight units. Exceptions to this rule for second-semester sophomores and for juniors are considered at the time of the student’s transfer application.

Students may use work that is not transferred for credit to satisfy College requirements, provided that such work would meet the standards for transfer credit.

A student who wishes to present summer school work for credit must obtain advance approval of her plans from her dean and must submit an official transcript to the registrar. No credit is given for a course graded below 2.0 or C (C- grades are not acceptable). Credit is calculated as closely as possible on an hour-for-hour basis. A total of no more than four units earned in summer school may be counted toward the degree; of these, no more than two units may be earned in any one summer.

Students may receive up to four units of transfer credit for courses taken at a college prior to graduation from secondary school, provided that these courses were taught at the college level and not in the high school and were not counted toward secondary school graduation requirements. These courses may include those taken at a community college. In all other respects, requests for transfer credit for work done prior to secondary school graduation are subject to the same provisions, procedures and limits as all other requests for transfer credit.

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