2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog

2008-2009 Catalog

Your Right to Know: Campus Security and Graduation Rates

Campus Security Information

As part of its compliance with Pennsylvania’s College and University Security Information Act, Bryn Mawr provides to all students and all applicants for admission a brochure describing the College’s security policies and procedures. The College also makes available to all students and applicants the crime report required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the most recent three-year period.

Right-to-Know Act

The Student Right-to-Know Act requires disclosure of the graduation rates of degree-seeking undergraduate students. Students are considered to have graduated if they complete their programs within six years of the normal time for completion.

Class entering fall 2002 (Class of 2006)

                         Size at entrance       307

             Graduated after 3 years     2.3%
                              after 4 years   81.1%
                              after 5 years   84.4%
                              after 6 years      86%

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