2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog

2008-2009 Catalog

Access Services

Bryn Mawr is committed to providing equal access for individuals with disabilities and welcomes qualified students with disabilities to the College community. Students who require assistance because of a learning, physical or psychological disability are encouraged to contact the coordinator of Access Services in Canwyll House as early as possible to discuss their needs.

Like other student services at Bryn Mawr, Access Services aims to address each student’s needs individually. The access coordinator works with the student, and others on campus when necessary, to identify appropriate support and reasonable accommodations to help her participate as fully as possible in the College’s programs and activities. Current relevant documentation of a disability from a qualified professional is required to verify eligibility and to help determine appropriate accommodations. Disclosure of a disability is voluntary, and the information is maintained on a confidential basis. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any required documentation.

For information about specific documentation requirements, eligibility criteria and procedures for requesting accommodations, please contact the access coordinator in Canwyll House.

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