2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog

2008-2009 Catalog

Health Center

The Health Center is a primary-care facility open 24 hours a day when the College is in session. The College’s Health Service offers a wide range of medical and counseling services to all matriculated undergraduates.

Outpatient medical services include primary care, first aid, nursing visits, routine laboratory work, walk-in medical clinic, gynecological services and appointments with the College physician. Inpatient care is provided for students who are too ill to be in their residence halls but are not candidates for hospitalization. There is no charge for doctor or nurse visits. A current fee schedule for other services is available upon request.

The counseling service is available to all undergraduate students. Each student may receive six free visits per academic year. While there is a fee for subsequent visits, no student is denied service because of an inability to pay. Consultation with a psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist can be arranged by appointment by calling the main number of the Health Center.

All entering students must file medical history and evaluation forms with Health Services before registration for classes.

The College purchases a limited medical insurance policy for full-time undergraduate students. The insurance is provided in conjunction with services supplied by the Bryn Mawr College Health Center. The insurance policy will not cover a significant portion of the costs of a major illness. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that students maintain their coverage on their families’ health plans or purchase additional insurance. The College does provide information about additional insurance plans that may be available to Bryn Mawr students. Information about the basic insurance plan and any available additional plans is sent to students each summer.

A student may, on the recommendation of the College physician or her own doctor, at any time request a medical leave of absence for reasons of health. The College reserves the right to require a student to withdraw for reasons of health if, in the judgment of the medical director, she is not in sufficiently good health to meet her academic commitments or to continue in residence at the College. Permission to return from a medical leave is granted when the College’s Health Service receives satisfactory evidence of recovery.

Occasionally a student experiences psychological difficulties that interfere with her ability to function at college. Taking time away from college to pursue therapy may be necessary. The College sees this choice as restorative, not punitive. With evidence of improvement in health, Bryn Mawr welcomes the student’s return.

The College believes that time away for psychological reasons should, in most cases, be for an entire academic year to allow sufficient time for growth, reflection and meaningful therapy — students who hurry back prematurely tend to risk a second failure. Therefore, medical leaves of absence for psychological reasons are granted for a period of one year, except in unusual situations. Readmission requires the approval of Bryn Mawr’s medical director or the appropriate member of the College’s counseling staff. The student should ask the physician or counselor with whom she has worked while on leave to contact the appropriate person at the College’s Health Service when she is ready to apply to return.

Students who want to return in September must submit all readmission materials by July 1. Those who want to return in January must submit all readmission materials by November 15.

For information on academic leaves of absence, see the printed catalog.

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