2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog

Athletics and Physical Education


Kathy Tierney, Director of Athletics and Physical Education
Jacob Mullins, Assistant Director of Athletics, Sports Information and Compliance
Raymond W. Tharan, Assistant Director of Athletics, Facilities and Events and Director of the Fitness Center


Carol Bower, Senior Lecturer and Head Rowing Coach and Boat House Director
Jill Breslin, Instructor and Head Tennis Coach
Erin DeMarco, Lecturer and Head Soccer Coach
Danya Pilgrim, Senior Lecturer and Head Field Hockey Coach
Terry McLaughlin, Lecturer and Head Athletic Trainer
Daniel N. Talbot, Lecturer and Head Cross Country Coach and Head Track and Field Coach
Katie Tarr, Senior Lecturer and Senior Woman’s Administrator and Head Lacrosse Coach
Nicola Whitlock, Lecturer and Head Swimming Coach and Aquatics Manager


Joan Braid, Head Volleyball Coach
Deb Charamella, Interim Head Basketball Coach and Assistant Lacrosse Coach
Laura Kemper, Assistant Athletic Trainer

The Department of Athletics and Physical Education sponsors 12 intercollegiate sports in badminton, basketball, crew, cross country, field hockey, indoor and outdoor track and field, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis and volleyball. Bryn Mawr is a NCAA Division III member and a charter member of the Centennial Conference. Club sport opportunities are available in a range of sports; including rugby, equestrian, fencing, karate, ice skating, squash, and ultimate Frisbee. Students interested in any of these programs should consult the Department of Athletics at http://www.brynmawr.edu/athletics/intercollegiate/index.htm.

Bryn Mawr's Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide opportunities to develop lifelong habits that will enhance the quality of life. From organized sport instruction, to a variety of dance offerings, lifetime sport skills, fitness classes, and a wellness curriculum, the Department provides a breadth of programming to meet the needs of the undergraduate and the greater College community. The physical education and dance curriculums offer more than 50 courses in a variety of disciplines. All students are required to complete eight units of physical education and the successful completion of a swimming-proficiency test. Students can enroll in physical education classes at Swarthmore and Haverford Colleges. For more information please consult http://www.brynmawr.edu/athletics/physical-education/index.htm.

The Department of Physical Education in conjunction with Health Services, Student Life and the Dean’s Office has developed an eight-week Wellness Seminar that focuses on a variety of issues confronting college women. The course is mandatory for all first year students and fulfills two physical education credits. The topics are generally not part of any academic discipline or lend them easily to a customs group meeting. The curriculum is designed to be interesting, interactive and provide a base of knowledge that will encourage students to think about their well being as an important partner to their academic life. The course will be taught by College faculty and staff from various disciplines and offices.